Why You Should Exercise on the New hCG Diet Plan

hCG Diet

Why You Should Exercise on the New hCG Diet PlanThe hCG diet is designed to enforce weight loss rapidly. The diet aims to increase metabolism so that your body is able to burn fat at a fast rate. The hormone used in this diet plan is administered either through droplets or an injection. These hormones together with a strict low-calorie meal plan help your body burn about 3,500 calories, resulting to you losing a pound or less each day.

Because you are going to be in a very low calorie diet while using hCG, it is not advisable for you to engage in strenuous exercises. The hCG diet plan requires little food consumption, and when a person consumes such a small amount, their body won’t be able to accommodate hard core workouts. Strength building exercises like weight lifting is not recommended as you are not able to burn lean muscles during the diet, only fat.

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