Why You Should Exercise on the New hCG Diet Plan

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Why You Should Exercise on the New hCG Diet PlanThe hCG diet is designed to enforce weight loss rapidly. The diet aims to increase metabolism so that your body is able to burn fat at a fast rate. The hormone used in this diet plan is administered either through droplets or an injection. These hormones together with a strict low-calorie meal plan help your body burn about 3,500 calories, resulting to you losing a pound or less each day.

Because you are going to be in a very low calorie diet while using hCG, it is not advisable for you to engage in strenuous exercises. The hCG diet plan requires little food consumption, and when a person consumes such a small amount, their body won’t be able to accommodate hard core workouts. Strength building exercises like weight lifting is not recommended as you are not able to burn lean muscles during the diet, only fat.

However, mild exercises are encouraged. Walking, jogging, and other light cardiovascular activities are good exercise options. Make sure you do not go it for too long as burning too much calories may lead to decreased blood sugar level.

It is essential to note, though, that this routine may not work for everyone. We all have unique health needs, and what works well for one may not be as effective for another.

Exercise and hCG: What to Consider

Upon trying to exercise while following the hCG protocol, how did you feel afterwards? If you feel fine, then adding mild workouts to your diet plan is good and may even be beneficial. On the other hand, if you feel crappy post-exercise, get food cravings, and feel depressed or fatigued, then exercising is not a good idea while you are on the hCG diet. So you should probably keep away from it.

But as always, ask your doctor for advice. If you really want to workout during the protocol, he or she may help you device a workout regimen fit for your diet plan and health.

Exercise and hCG: What to Expect

If you pursue exercising and taking hCG at the same time, keep in mind that there would be times where the protocol and your usual workout (pre-hCG) may have to be adjusted. Inadvertently, this shouldn’t get you discouraged from combining the two.

Here are some things you may expect.

  1. Increased Electrolytes Consumption

On an hCG diet plan, a lot of emphasis is put on drinking lots of water. While this is important to do so, drinking too much water may however screw up your body’s electrolytes balance if you are exercising. Make sure to replace lost electrolytes after workout. You can simply do this by adding freshly squeezed orange or lemon to your water. A dash of salt on your drink may also help balance it.

  1. ‘Slower’ Weight Losses

When exercising, you may sometimes experience water retention. This translates into what seems to be ‘slower’ scale losses. It’s completely normal. Just because you see frequent gains and zeros in the scale, it does not mean that you do not lose fat because most likely, you do. And they are simply replaced by lean muscles. Just give your body time to adjust and you’ll see great results at the end of it.

  1. More Calorie Intake

Okay, this does not sound as bad. It actually is kind of good to know that you may be able to eat a bit more during the protocol, don’t you think? And it perfectly makes sense. Since you’ll be burning more calories, you may need to increase your protein intake depending on the length and intensity of your workout. This is so you’ll have enough energy to get you through the day.

You may get the extra protein from egg whites, and meat. Whey protein powder could also do the trick. Take the extra portion in the morning, or pre- or post-workout.

  1. Decreased Workout Intensity

If you have a workout program before starting with the diet, you may have to reduce its intensity once you take on the hCG protocol. For the workout buff, this may come off as negative. But simply put, your body has no sugar to use for fuel. The only energy source you have is fat and the use of it is not as immediate. Regardless, it may still benefit you because regular exercise helps release endorphins, which make you feel better.

You do not have to lose actual strength in your workout. Keep in mind that the reduced intensity is only temporary. Doing as much simple exercise as your body could manage at the moment is beneficial and worth it at the end.

Why Combining hCG with Exercise Can Be Beneficial

Some people just do quite well, often better, on losing weight with hCG and exercise. If your body is in good enough shape to handle the extra calorie-burning activity, then you may be healthier than you initially thought you were.

Doing light cardiovascular activities while on the hCG diet can help your body preserve, if not increase, lean muscles versus undergoing the hCG diet on its own. Typically, you will lose very little amount of lean muscle with the diet. But if you combine it with exercise, you could eliminate even that small fraction of muscle loss.

On top of those, exercise may help increase your feeling of well-being, so you feel happier and less depressed while on the calorie-restricted diet.

Word of caution: exercising too much may be potentially harmful while on the protocol. Apart from decreasing your blood glucose level, excessive cardiovascular activity can lead to muscle loss rather than muscle retention. This is because you do not have enough protein and carb intake to rebuild and strengthen torn muscles, so it is best to limit your workout. Remember, when it comes to combining hCG with exercise, moderation is the key to attaining your desired results.



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