Why 10 Minute Workout Sessions are Better

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 · 0 comments

Does your exercise routine require you to stay more than an hour at the gym? Many exercise routines needs hours to be completed. It has also become a common notion that the more hours you spend at the gym and the longer the duration of your exercises the better it is for you. However, long hours of exercise usually discourage people form engaging in fitness programs, especially those who don’t have the luxury of time.

The good news is that, a fitness trend that demands only very little of your time is fast gaining popularity. The 10 minutes workout session is has been devised by experts and is guaranteed to help people achieve their ideal weight. The 10 minute workout session entails various short intense bursts of physical activity.

There are evidences showing that 10 minutes workout sessions are more effective and beneficial than longer ones, here are some of them:

1. Exercising in small bursts in about 10 minutes duration lowers the instances of hypertension. Various scientific studies point out that individuals suffering from high blood pressure benefit better from shorter exercise sessions than extended workouts.

2. When it comes to losing weight, working out for 10 minutes or so at least three times a day is more effective than a one 30 minute workout. When you exercise three times a day, you will be able to maintain your metabolism at a higher level and this means that you will be burning more calories in the long run. Remember that you lose your weight in a safe way by burning calories steadily.

3. Since the 10 minute workout session is very short, you can no longer use lack of time as an excuse not to exercise. You can easily fit this form of exercise into your lifestyle. In fact it would be much easier for you stick with the exercise as it achieves great results without demanding much from yourself.

Although the 10 minute workout sessions are definitely convenient and effective, you have to take note that its proper success lies in accurate execution. People who want to use the exercise to shed off extra weight or deal with health issues must be very disciplines when it comes to their exercise approach. If the 10 minute workout session is not done at least three times a day for a minimum of 10 minutes, you will not obtain the desired results.

Your workout sessions must be performed in a correct way. Cardio exercises are the most effective when it comes to burning calories and losing weight, but you must not forget that if your start performing the exercise in an abrupt way it can lead to painful injuries.

If you have been trying to lose weight and finding for an easier way to achieve it, the 10 minute workout session may work well for you. You can run, cycle, walk, or do aerobic exercises and do it three times a day. In just a short span of time, you will find out that you have shed off a considerable amount of weight.

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