Trimming Down with a Treadmill

Saturday, August 4, 2012 · 0 comments

There are many exercise equipment available in the market today. One of the equipment that has been proven to be highly effective is the treadmill. When used for workouts regularly, you will not only achieve a leaner physique, but a lot of other health benefits as well. It will allow you to engage in other physical and mental activities efficiently. It can also improve the quality of you sleep at night.

Performing a regular exercise routine and consuming a well balanced diet is a better alternative to skipping meals and depriving your body with its much needed vitamins and proteins. Whether in fitness centers or in the privacy of your own home, a treadmill can effectively increase your stamina in a more gradual manner. You can manage the velocity and the frequency of your workouts; however, just make sure to do it on a regular basis. Here are the types of work out that you can do with a treadmill.

Interval Workout

If you want to burn fat at a fast pace, then this is the type of workout for you. This workout can gradually advance you into the next levels. The workout generally includes fluctuating workouts of low and high intensities. For example, you can walk for one minute and run for the next two minutes. You can spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day on this workout, repeating the pattern of about 10 to 15 times. Ensure that the treadmill’s incline is set to 0% to avoid the risk of injuries while performing the routine. The interval workout may be performed alternatively within the week. Allot the other days for other types of workout. Interval workout can burn your fat with lesser time and effort.

Random Workout

If you want to experience the excitement of exercising outdoors, a random workout is the best choice. Selecting the ‘Random’ option on your treadmill will take you through a predefined exercise routine which is of various intensities and time spans. Since the workout routine is changing continuously and constantly, the muscles will have a difficulty adapting to the unexpected changes. In effect, you will be shedding off more weight unknowingly. The workout styles can be set manually or randomly. The variation of the random workout will prevent you from feeling bored while exercising. Perform the random workout once a week and you will feel the huge difference it makes in your mind and body.

Hill Sculpting Workout

If you want to concentrate on shaping your legs, do the hill sculpting workout. To achieve better results, make sure to set the incline to 10%. Research studies have disclosed that walking at a 12% incline is equivalent to running at a double speed on a normal plane. Your heartbeat on both routines would actually be the same. The hill sculpting workout can be performed once in a week for 20 to 30 minutes.

Do not miss your workout routines so that you will burn your fat continuously. Regular exercise can also make you lose weight at a steady pace. To make your exercise sessions safer and more entertaining you can add accessories to your treadmill, such as music system and a treadmill mat. One more word of advice, don’t strain your body beyond your capacity.


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