The Guilty Pleasures When Trying To Slim Down

Monday, July 30, 2012 · 0 comments

Are you striving hard to slim down and shed some pounds? Do you think you can’t make to resist the food items that are considered not appropriate when losing weight? Well, consider yourself not alone because there are many people who feel the same.

When we are looking to lose weight, aside from regular exercise, it is also advisable to eat well balanced meal. It includes fruits and vegetables. These food items have nutrients that our body needs. It is not just foods that are needed because water is as important as food because it will keep us hydrated throughout the day.

When we talk about the guilty pleasures when eating, there are many things that can come to mind. It includes chocolates, sodas, pizza, burger and others.

The chocolates are among the most in demand food no matter which age bracket you belong to. In a party, chocolate cakes, are considered the among the food items that guests look forward to taste. Of course, when we say party cakes no matter what flavor can always be present.

It is not just cakes, many celebrants also have other sweets present in the table such as pastries, brownies, mallows and so much more sweets that are very hard to resist. You may just say to your mind, “birthday parties don’t happen every day!” that is the reality we face these days.

Sodas can be found anywhere. It can be just your typical drink during a hot afternoon or just a drink to quench the thirst.

Pizza, well pizza are many people’s favorite. When you don’t have any for to eat for lunch or dinner, just a dial at the telephone and in less than an hour, the pizza is right at your doorsteps. It is delivered hot and scrumptious. Of course, it is another treat that many simply can’t resist.

Hamburger, cheeseburger, wow, this is another treat for those who are hungry and no time to prepare food. A fries and a burger will do for lunch or dinner. You may say that it is healthy because it is also stuffed with tomatoes and lettuce.

Those are just some of the guilty pleasures that we have to deal with every day. When we take a look of how much calorie they’ve got, you may be amazed that even with just a bite, a bunch of calories are already acquired.

I browsed online and there are many results that I got regarding calories. It is not surprising since many people also searched for it.

The chocolate cake with frosting has a total of 367 calories per 100g or serving. Of course, it is not normal to weigh first the cake before munching on it. The 12 oz soda has around 24 calories in it. The calorie content of pizza vary per size and toppings, usually, it is around 250 or more. For burgers, it has usually around 300 calories and more.

Those are some of the guilty pleasures of people these days. The calorie contents are the ones we should always check and be aware of in order to maintain a healthy body.

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