The Art of Being Sexy

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Women have various ideas on what it takes to be sexy. While others work hard in trying to achieve it, others seem to exert no effort at all. It’s as if they were naturally born with it. A lot of women also think that it’s all about the size you are in. A model like body automatically makes a woman sexy; however, this is not true even plus sized women can be oozing with sex appeal. Being sexy is an art that you can master. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Think  Sexy

Sexiness starts in the mind. You need to think and believe that you are sexy first and foremost. Once you perceive yourself this way, you can begin transforming yourself into a sexy woman. There are full figured women who carry themselves with an air of sexiness. At times you can’t pinpoint what it is about them, but there certainly is an element of sexiness in their personality. It is most probably because they are confidently sexy inside, so that is the aura they exude.

Wear the Right Hairstyle

At times you don’t have to look too far for ways to become sexy. A simple hairstyle that compliments the shape of your face can do the trick. See? You only need to begin with the basics and nothing works wonders for you, like your hair can. While long and wavy hair can look seductive, short hair can also nail it. Halle Berry’s hair can prove that. Look for a style that looks most flattering on you.

Compliment Your Face with Makeup

Makeup is a powerful tool to enhance your features. You can practice applying makeup to skillfully improve your weak aspects and highlight on your best ones. Experiment on colors and see what works best for your skin tone. Blend your eye shadow appropriately. Your eye makeup does not have to be dark in order for them to be noticeable. You Tube is filled with tons of easy to follow makeup tutorials. Allot some time to learn different tricks, and see how much your efforts will pay off.

Dress Sexy

Thinking about the skimpiest dress in your wardrobe? Dressing sexy doesn’t mean showing more skin. It means wearing clothing that is appropriate to your figure and to the occasion you are wearing it to. Likewise, bear in mind that you also have to pay attention to the pieces of clothing that you are wearing underneath. Pay attention to your under garments. Wearing suitable lingerie will not only make your outfits sexier, but it will also make you feel sexier. Bras that shape your breasts and make them appear fuller can make you look sexier. Remember that what you are wearing under compliments what goes on top.

Carry Yourself Sexy

Finally, carry yourself sexy. Straighten your back and raise your chin. Walk by putting one foot in front of the other to achieve a sexy swing. If you carry yourself confidently, it will radiate to others. Don’t be afraid of eye contact and look with your eyes, not with your head. You may practice your movements in the mirror until you get the hang of it.

Once you have discovered what is best for your body type, put it to use. Think sexy and believe that you are sexy. After all, you can only be as sexy as you feel.

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