Super Easy and Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 · 0 comments

Millions of people out there are trying to lose weight. Not all of them succeed, but the mere attempt to improve themselves is commendable. Most people fail because they can’t keep up with the difficult diet or exercise routines they follow, or they simply don’t have the time. Yet, these are not reasons for you to give up on your fitness goals altogether. If you can’t go to the gym or follow a steady regular routine, there are simple things that you can do to keep extra weight off. Below are some of them.

1. Record your calorie intake. Get yourself an inexpensive notebook or journal where you can log your daily food intake. Spend around five minutes at the end of the day to recall and list down the food you ate, include the amount of servings and calories. This is one way of forming a habit to be constantly aware of your food intake. Likewise, this is an ideal way to track your diet and gauge your progress.

2. Take a hike outdoors whenever you can. Taking a hike outdoors can burn a lot of calories and it is also fun and relaxing. Try taking a demanding and strenuous hike from time to time if you want to burn even more calories.

3. Give your stomach a work out while you’re at your desk. You simply have to pull your belly in as far back as possible and hold that position for several seconds. This simple exercise can strengthen you abdominal muscles effectively.

4. Put away your loose-fitting clothes. If you are fond of wearing baggy or loose clothes for comfort, it’s about time you change that. Wearing loose clothes will make you forget easily about your weight.

5. Strengthen your resolve when cravings strike. Food craving are difficult to ignore, but you just have to remember your goals and use your willpower. You can also try some things to suppress your urge, like brushing your teeth, drinking water, or making yourself engrossed with your favorite pastime.

6. Take better food options. If you have a weakness for potatoes, you can actually prepare a tasty mashed potato meal by using cauliflower instead. Cover your cauliflower with chopped onions and boil it until it’s tender. While it’s hot, use a food processor to puree it. You can add pepper as well as chicken or vegetable bouillon. You can get the same amount of nutrients from this dish as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or cabbage without the undesirable carbohydrate content you will get from potatoes.

7. Take a photo of yourself to document your progress. Take some snap shots of yourself in your underwear or swimsuit. It may make you uncomfortable, but the benefits are worth it. You will be able to monitor your improvements and seeing how you have progressed will keep you motivated.

8. When dining out, watch out for big portions. There are restaurants that serve super-sized servings, but you don’t have to overindulge and finish everything. Before you start your meal, ask the waiter to bring you a take-out box and put away a half portion of your food.

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