Lose Extra Weight Wisely

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Looking for a quick way to loose those extra pounds? These days, media, especially the internet is flooded by different trendy diets. They are very convincing particularly when they are endorsed by big celebrities, slender models, or your friends. When taken by the hype, you are definitely persuaded to give the latest diet scheme a try. Usually, these fad diets do help you shed extra pounds overnight. That cabbage soup diet that your friend swore by, made her lose five pounds in a week, and of course you are amazed enough to jump into the bandwagon straight away.

However, before you start shredding cabbage for your soup, do you know exactly what you are getting into? Remember, that the extra pounds you lose may be gained back as easily as you have lost it. Your weight loss goal as well as your plan to attain it must both be easy to follow. It would certainly be impractical and depressing to have cabbage soup all your life just to maintain your ideal weight. These fad diets are known to have disadvantageous effects. Studies show that they may give you instant results and solutions to your weight problems, but once discontinued, your weight comes back with renewed vigor.

The ultimate disadvantage that weight loss programs can bring is the toll it takes on your metabolic system. Not to mention the hormonal imbalance that can be triggered by the abrupt rise and fall in your weight. In contrast, your current diet scheme can be effective if integrated with the following essential points:

Cut Down On Serving Sizes

Initially, there is no need to cut out everything all at once. Begin by cutting down on your serving sizes. Cutting back on your calorie intake abruptly will give your body no choice but to lead your metabolic rate into a sudden halt. This will direct your body into a complete panic and it will surely affect your working potential adversely. Similar to a machine that needs fuel in order to run, you also need to provide your body with initial fuel in order to bring your metabolic system to action, after which your body can feed on your stored or reserved fats.

Motivate Yourself Constantly

Once you have successfully achieved cutting down on your portions, continue inspiring and encouraging yourself. You must always reward yourself for determination so as not to lose your will to go on. But, you must be careful with your preferences for these rewards. Think of something that is uplifting, although not something that would defeat the reason for which the reward was intended. A chocolate mousse cake may be an inappropriate, but a single serving of dessert shared with your partner can be more fitting. You can also opt to indulge in a pleasurable treat at the spa or a day of shopping at the mall sans the kids. A simple trip to the movie theater to watch your favorite movie would also be a good idea.

Your journey towards your ideal figure will be easier to achieve if you pursue it by eating small portions and enjoying rewards for your efforts. Your body will be more pleased with this method and can improve far beyond your expectations.

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