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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 · 0 comments

This coming holiday season, we urge everyone not to follow the recent trend – avoid the so called- Seasonal Seven.  Seasonal Seven is regarded to as the average weight where most Americans gain between the days of Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That is definitely one trend you should not participate.

Well almost everyone wants to have their wonderful time during that time of year and if you will not participate in these days you will definitely lose half of your life. Do not worry! The celebrations do not have to be eradicated or avoided. One may have a magnificent time while also keeping your weight gain at minimum and staying fit.

The best kept secret to having a holiday season that is not only enjoyable but also maintaining fitness is moderation. One might bank on two stereotype approaches during the seasonal festivities: 1) Do away with all the healthy habits out the window and pamper yourself in every guilty pleasure 2) Not eating anything before the day of the party. Definitely, neither of the approaches mentioned above is successful at attaining a healthy, fit lifestyle during the holiday season.

To reiterate the strategy mentioned above, the key is found in moderation. Implementing a moderate approach to what you eat and don’t eat and how much fitness activities you engage or not engage in, you could certainly eliminate packing on extra weight and at the same time be able to enjoy the luxury of good food during the season. Thereto, this coming holiday season, get yourself a try and implement moderation in your lifestyle and see the wonders of losing weight while enjoying good food.

Additional tips during the holidays include the following;

1. Make your plan.  Do yourself a favor in advance, muster a plan for including fitness and good nutrition in your day to day schedule. Assess your holiday schedule properly and then go ahead in resolving how much of your time you would have available to dedicate to going to the gym for exercise and eating healthy meals. It is a must for everyone to be able to properly anoint themselves on the reality of management of their time.

2. Do the exercise on schedule. If you do not have the time to exercise as often during the holiday season as you would usually do, make an appropriate adjustment to your schedule. Do this smart. Never use the excuse that since you do not have time for your full exercise you just would not exercise at all. As an alternative acknowledge your limited availability and reduce the frequency of your exercise. It is better to cut your exercise time in half than to completely avoid it.

3. Feast first on healthy foods. When you are in a party, it is advisable for you to consume first on the available healthy fiber rich foods. Say go for vegetable or salad sticks, fruits. Then move on to not so healthy food. This way you would definitely lose interest on the unhealthy food after consuming the healthy ones.

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