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Staying fit and at the same time healthy is quite a rigorous task.  One may not achieve the level of fitness with the desired health.  Others may cunningly appear as fit but is actually internally unhealthy.  These are the various quandaries people encounter when they attempt to stay fit and healthy.

The real “Fitness and Health” concept requires the understanding that one is only considered as fit if one is at the same time healthy. Keeping one healthy and fit means eating right and following a type of exercise which not only works for their schedule but routine exercise which they can religiously comply. Many people are confused on what to eat and type of exercise they want to follow because if they ask 100 different specialists on eating right and exercising, they will also get 100 varied answers which is not really that helpful, realistically speaking. Aside from that, there are those television commercials that assert this or that exercise equipment or a miracle medicine is the answer.

We are also blasted with those workout videos, fitness and health magazines and thousands of books which promise similar claim of attaining beautiful and healthy body. In reality these books, medicines, gadgets and others will not do the job for us.  What they offer is a junk load of false promises and assertions which not only takes our time but also our hard earned money. They successfully introduced these false pretentions enough to lure people to the understanding that they represent the truth.  This is the painful reality we currently face.

But fear not because there is really a silver lining on each cloud. We are ultimately making the decision for ourselves; therefore, let us not allow that to happen. Let us conquer those myths and separate fact from fiction.

Weight loss

We currently live in a world filled with luscious temptations on food.  Food that is not only irresistibly delicious but also very rich in high calories and fat is available in every corner of every city.  Such an abundant supply of cheap food renders the notion on weight loss radically impossible.

However, don’t sigh. One may achieve weight loss in a jiffy by following this technique.  Backed up by numerous research studies, it is more beneficial to eat 5 to 6 limited portions of meals daily. This technique curbs hunger pangs and is effective for losing weight. Yes, it is very true.  Keeping yourself from being hungry will help your metabolism go high and make you lose weight.  Amazing isn’t it but that is the truth and no myth at all.  It is said that when you eat at least once in every three hours you burn fat more than eating three times a day. Eating right is the key and not just eating just for the sake of eating.  Be very careful in choosing the food you eat and the quantity you are taking.  One must be informed of proper nutrition before engaging in this strategic weight loss. On the other hand, this strategic weight loss must be coupled with proper exercise.



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