Fight Insatiable Food Cravings in 6 Ways

Monday, October 8, 2012 · 0 comments

Do you often find yourself fighting temptations to gobble up your favorite food? That is more accurately referred to as food craving. The extreme desire and longing for your comfort food can trigger anytime and it is usually intense enough to weaken even your most fervent diet resolutions. After all, it is easier to give in to pleasure, and scrumptious food happens to be its number one source. Needless to say, the pleasure you experience comes with a hefty price tag. You can put a stop to it by making sensible food choices and following some of the tips below.

1. Replenish your fridge with healthier food choices. Most of the times people sabotage their own diet plans by making food that they should avoid available within their reach. Take time to clean out your refrigerator from foods that are detrimental to your fitness goals. Dispose all foods that are fatty and high in calories and make way for healthier ones. Stock up on fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, low calorie cheese, small low-fat ice cream cups and other healthy snacks. As much as possible avoid placing soft drinks, hotdogs, burgers, processed foods and sweet snacks on your fridge. It is important to leave yourself nothing but healthy food to satisfy your craving.

2. Always keep your mouth fresh. When you brush your teeth and gargle mouthwash, you feel squeaky clean and usually you want to keep it that way. This will make you less inclined to gorge on some snacks.

3. Determine your food weakness. Good food takes a lot of strength and determination to resist. In fact, for some it is the most difficult thing to do. One thing that you can do about it is to identify what particular food you are craving for most of the time. If you know what they are, then you can do a better job at staying away from them. Furthermore, if you can’t completely refrain from some unhealthy favorites, at least eat with moderation.

4. Plan your daily meal. If you seem to be out of control on your food intake on most days, then exert a little extra effort. To maintain good health and stay focused on your diet goals, plan what you will be eating for the next day. Have a solid idea on what you will be having for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner and stick to them. If you can prepare a weekly menu and prepare some of the food in advance, it would be so much better.

5. Practice self control. What you should put in mind is that your health is far more crucial than satisfying your current food craving. Meditate on this thought and make your whole being understands it. If you do, then you will never be tempted to over indulge yourself.

6. Take natural suppressants. Some people are prone to overeat and feel hunger or food cravings more frequently and intensely than others. Eating natural suppressants can lessen your hunger and hold you back from binging. Some delicious food that can naturally suppress your hunger and cravings are apples, nuts and almonds, avocados, soups, salads and ginger.

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