Exercise Ideas to Lose Weight and Reduce Stress

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Women are known to be great with multi-tasking. However, as they maintain the balance with family, business, work, and the household they may experience a significant increase in their stress level.

Stress is something that most people deal with from time to time, but too much of it can become harmful to your overall health and wellbeing. If you won’t keep stress under control, it can discreetly creep into all the other areas of your life. It would be like pumping more and more air into a balloon, until it pops. To prevent the balloon from popping, you have to release some air from it.

The same is true with stress and you. Stress should not be something that you ignore, it has to be released. Allowing all your frustration, tension, and fatigue to build-up is dangerous and unhealthy. Stress can not be avoided, but it can be managed. In fact, managing your stress is essential to your life, and it is also a crucial part of keeping yourself fit.

While you would always have to face the challenges and demands of your life, there are ways that you can minimize the stressful consequences. The next time you are caught up in stressful situations, always make it a point to unwind and make use of the following calming and relaxing exercises to bring tranquility back into your life.


This exercise involves different meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques. It enhances and revitalizes your physical and mental strength. Yoga was brought by Hindu monks to the West in the 19th century. From its early beginnings, Yoga became very popular in the 1980’s where it was recognized as a system of physical exercises all throughout the Western culture. A lot of studies have been conducted to determine how effective yoga is as a complementary intervention for asthma, schizophrenia, cancer, and heart diseases. The result of a national survey disclosed that long-term yoga practitioners have reported mental health and musculo-skeletal improvements. This is in concurrence to the whole philosophy that one’s mental well-being plays a big factor in losing weight and physical fitness.


This is another workout that effectively reduces stress. It amazingly releases your frustration, stress, and tension. While you are knocking stress out, you are using up a huge amount of calories as well. As much as 600 calories are burned for an hour of kickboxing session.


This is a fun exercise that blends a variety of Latin dances. Its electrical moves will surely bring your stress levels down. Zumba was developed in the 1990s by choreographer and dancer, Alberto Perez, as a Colombian dance fitness routine. Zumba incorporates samba, salsa, soca, meringue, hip-hop, mambo, Bollywood, belly dance, and martial arts moves. So, get into the exercise with a smile on your face and undaunted determination in your eyes, and you will surely sweep your stress away!

Exercise is known to be one of the best ways to combat stress. By using the exercises above, you will definitely be able to manage even life’s major strains.

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