7 Reasons Why You Must Fight Obesity

Monday, August 13, 2012 · 0 comments

Obesity is a rising problem in our country today. The abundance of unhealthy food, and the way they are attractively advertised are making the problem of obesity even more difficult. The effects of obesity are changing peoples’ lives in ways you can never imagine. If you are physically fit, then you would not have any idea what obese people’s lives are like. But, if you are seriously overweight then you clearly understand what I mean. This article will discuss seven problems associated with obesity. Hopefully, after reading what obesity can do to you, you will deal with those extra pounds more seriously.

  1. It increases the Risk of High Blood pressure. Most overweight people are suffering from this ailment, and the first thing that the doctor will advise you to lose some weight.
  2. It lowers your self-esteem. Being overweight often leads you to having low self-esteem. Since you are not comfortable hanging out with certain people, making friends becomes much harder. You sometimes go to unreasonable extent to fin in to a group of people that you feel you inferior to, only because of their physical appearance.
  3. It makes shopping for clothes difficult. Often times you can’t shop at regular stores since it would be difficult to find clothes that fit nicely. If they do carry a size that fits you, it’s always in a special section. That does not do your self-esteem any good. It makes you feel alone even more.
  4. It makes travelling uncomfortable and complicated. When in public transportation, things can be very uncomfortable and can get embarrassing at times. It would certainly be hard to navigate narrow walkways to get to your seat, and when you do arrive there, chances are the seat is too small for you.
  5. It makes sleeping a challenge. When you are obese you will have trouble sleeping. You hardly feel comfortable and you stay awake most of the night. It is either you have trouble breathing of no position is comfortable enough for you.
  6. It makes you uncomfortable to be with a crowd. Since you have feelings of insecurities, you will always assume that people are talking or laughing about you when you walk into a room.
  7. It makes you hopeless and overeat. You feel that it’s utterly useless to minimize your food intake, so you start eating larger amount of food.

Obesity is a challenging problem to deal with, but let its risky health implications motivate you to start living healthily. There are so many ailments and diseases that can be traced back to obesity. Aside from the health factors there are of course the social problems, like the ones mentioned above, that you have to deal with everyday.

Whether you are trying to solve your own weight problems or that of your child’s, have a clear idea of what you are dealing with. It would also help a lot to have a clear plan on how to achieve your ideal weight and most of all foster your determination to achieve a healthier body. With all these, you will hopefully be able to get your weight under control.


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