5 Tips to Reducing Cellulite

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Do you know that only women are prone to cellulite? Yes that is true, men don’t get it! And, while we are aware that men and women have different physical attributes, the difference is actually as profound as our cellular structure, even our skins are made differently.

If you are wondering why men are free from cellulite problems and only women in particular are vulnerable to it, it is because collagen in men is arranged in crisscross formation, while fat cells in women are stored up in a cube like structure, separated by collagen bands. Due to men’s crisscross collagen formation, the collagen stretches out evenly when men gain weight. Unfortunately, when women gain weight, the collagen thins out and loses elasticity. This pushes up the fat cells into the skin and creates irregularities and dimpling.

It is worthy to note that not all cellulites are caused by gaining weight. Some individuals have it due to free radical damage, poor lymphatic drainage, and inadequate blood circulation.

So, can you prevent the progression of cellulite or reduce its unattractive appearance? The good news is that, you can. Say goodbye to cellulite with these 5 tips.

  1. Watch what you eat. Minimize your consumption of foods that create free radical damage and decrease the integrity of collagen, such as processed food, fried food, and refined sugar. Instead, fill your diet with detox-friendly foods like organic meat, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Drink 2 liters of water a day. Water is very important in order for your cells to function at an optimum level. Water flushes out toxins from cells that are vital for the reduction and prevention of cellulite.Exercise regularly. Now, you have one more good reason to hit the gym. Exercise improves your blood circulation as well as improves lymphatic drainage. Some quick and easy ways for effective enhancement of blood and lymphatic circulation is rebounding and vibration therapy.
  3. Do some dry skin brushing. This is a great strategy of reducing your cellulite and helping with general detoxification. Choose a brush which bristles are made from natural fibers. Start brushing from your feet, and in an upward direction towards your heart. If you do this for ten minutes a day for a couple of months, it will completely dissolve your cellulite.
  4. Consider non-surgical alternatives to liposuction. If you are not comfortable with dry skin brushing, this is an alternate procedure that you might want to try. You can research on non-surgical alternatives to liposuction, like VelaShape II. It is FDA approved and has four individual mechanisms: Negative Pressure, Mechanical Massage, Radiofrequency (RF), and Infrared Light (IR). The non-surgical approach to liposuction works by improving blood circulation and stimulating collagen production to restore the natural elasticity of the skin.

You can not stop cellulite, but you can slow down its progression through a healthier diet and adopting a more active lifestyle. If these changes are not enough for you, then you can opt for manual therapies or non-surgical alternatives to liposuction.

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