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Who says losing weight is totally hard? All the facts on how to do it are given in just a click away. But not all those information you get from the World Wide Web are actually “facts”. Some are myths which won’t help during the process at all so better be careful, do a lot of researches.

Myth No.1. They said eating desserts is not allowed. The fact is, eating any kind of food is permitted as long as one is under control of the level intake of calories and carbohydrates (and sugar, of course). It is very difficult to forbid oneself from his/her favorite foods. Indeed, banning oneself will just make more cravings which can lead to depression.

Myth No. 2. They said it is about the food a person eats and not how much. Both are equally important. The amount of calories the food contain matters more than where it is from. And remember, too much sugar intake is like injecting too much fats in the body.

Myth No. 3. They said regular exercise or work out is a license to eat all you want. This is about reducing weight and putting it back afterwards.

Myth No. 4. They said fast food meals contain high-fats. Yes, it is true that most fast food chains have fried dishes and are eaten together with mayonnaise not to mention the people’s favorite potato dishes. However, there are some that offer grilled and steamed meals which are better options. Opt for wellness.

Myth No. 5. They said skipping meals is a fast way of reducing weight. This is the most common misconception ever! There would be a big tendency of overeating later if one would skip breakfast and/or lunch. Eating small portions of food throughout the day is the best advice to follow.

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