5 Foods You Can Make Healthy

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Food does not have to be a dieter’s adversary. The secret is knowing what better alternatives you have and choosing them over the unhealthy ones. There are also some foods that are considered as detrimental to your fitness goals; however you can make them work for you as well. Below are five examples of foods that you can make healthier by the method they are prepared.

Deli Meat

Typically, when shoppers go the deli they are overwhelmed with the over abundance of meat and are tempted to buy more for convenience rather than for their nutritional value. The downside of deli meat is that it contains nitrate preservatives which have been linked to cancer that can potentially occur later in life. Deli meats are generally packed with fats, such as salami. What you can do is stick with the lighter meats which enables you to acquire more protein and lesser fat for your money. You can settle for turkey breast of chicken breast.


Since Tuna is a rich source of protein and omega-3, it is therefore a perfect food when you are looking for an effective way to lose fat and build your muscles. However, not all tuna products share the same benefits. When you are choosing the perfect tuna, it is advisable not to purchase the kind that is stored in oil because you don’t want to consume extra fats. Likewise, buy your tuna from smaller companies as they are more likely to check their products for mercury levels.


Steak should be a vital part of your diet because it is one of the most effective muscle-building foods. Remember that muscle mass is essential if you want to keep off your extra weight permanently. Let me share to you how you can make this worst weight gain food into a secret weapon. First and foremost, always buy the grass-fed and hormone free steak. You must also avoid prime rib or rib eye cuts and drink a cup of hot green tea after a steak meal. The tea will aid in breaking down any saturated fat.

Fruit Juice

The secret is to stick to fresh juices or those with natural ingredients only. Avoid reconstituted juices or those with sugar additives as they totally have no nutritional value at all and will only jeopardize your diet.


The right choice of yogurt has bountiful calcium, protein, zinc, and healthy bacteria that can all help in eliminating body fat. To make sure that you are consuming the healthy type, opt for plain yogurts and you can add fruits at home. This way you will not have to ingest additional sugar.

Follow the tips in this article to help you manage your weight. When you go shopping always settle for healthier alternatives and you will notice big changes to your waistline. Foods that would normally make you gain weight can actually be turned into weight loss foods. All you have to is tweak the ingredients and know the healthier choices available for you.

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