5 Essential Training Tips

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1. Train Regularly to Avoid Depression

Training doesn’t just keep your blues away it also helps you keep feeling better about achieving your fitness goals. According to new studies, regular training may help you fight against depression. Exercising a lot or a little can help in improving your mood. The more regularly you exercise the higher the chance for you to reach full remission from depression.

2. Benefit from intense training

Your muscles are just like your brains; they too have memory. Intense training will help your body stay in its peak condition even during short layoffs. In fact the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published that you continue to enjoy the benefits of an intense training program even long after you have reduced the intensity of your exercise routines.

3. Take Selenium and Zinc supplements

Selenium is an effective testosterone booster, which is why it has become a well known supplement. The good news is that, research has discovered that taking 200 mcg of selenium daily can diminish the oxidative stress of post-exercise and does a good job in limiting cell damage that follows intense training sessions. Likewise, Selenium reduces the risk of cancer and FDA has approved this claim. One more essential supplement to take is
Zinc. By taking 75mg of it daily within three days of developing some symptoms for cold will cut down the duration of the cold by about three days. Take these two essential supplements and you would not have to miss training days which can affect your fitness program.

4. Take Omega-3

The benefits of Omega-3 have been documented and proven by various studies done over time. Every study uncovers even more reasons why you should take advantage of the goodness of fish oil, such as aiding in fat metabolism, reducing blood pressure, protecting the skin, and reducing muscle soreness. Studies also show that Omega-3 fish oil reduces arterial stiffness and the risk of fatal coronary events by up to 17%.

5.  Eat frequently and drink plenty of water

The Cell Metabolism journal published the results of a recent study on why hunger pangs triggers irrepressible overindulgence on food that causes diet programs to crash. When you are intensely hungry, your brain cells within your hypothalamus gland go through autophagy. This is a process wherein starving cells feed nearby cells by breaking themselves down. During the process, fatty acids are released resulting to a significant increase in your hunger sensations. The best way to avoid autophagy is by eating small frequent meals in a day. Ideally, every three to four hours. You must also see to it that you keep your body adequately hydrated. If your body gets dehydrated even just by 1%, it will decrease your performance by 15%. So, make sure that you drink a lot of fluids before, during, and after workout sessions.

These are only five basic tips to better health and fitness and there are so many more to explore. However, start by adopting one healthy practice at a time and it won’t be long until you will achieve your fitness goals.

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