4 Tips to Stay Active

Monday, October 29, 2012 · 0 comments

Losing interest in your battle of the bulge? You are just one amongst millions of people who give up on exercising before seeing major results. Generally, most people quit because of boredom and lack of motivation. Exercise is often viewed as tough, grueling, and difficult to maintain. That is probably why so many people are facing serious weight issues. If you are one of those people who have decided to shun their rubber shoes and totally give up on exercising, why don’t you consider these four exercise tips below?  They might change your perspective on exercise and help you pick up where you have left of.

Join a Team

All major cities and even smaller ones have recreation centers, clubs, organizations, or other sorts of gathering. Check out what events and exercises they are hosting. Chances are there will be various exercise activities on their lists. There might even be several teams and some organized leagues that you can join. You can probably enjoy the same games you were into as a child. Search for baseball, basketball, kickball, tennis, badminton, or any sport that you enjoy doing. There would surely be people out there who engage in the sport on a regular basis. So, try searching for them and you’ll really be glad that you did.

Join a Gym

Now, I can feel you balking, but wait just a second. The gym is considered as a nightmare for some; however it is not a reason that you should not try it altogether. You might even be pretty surprised how a few hours a week can easily pass while you’re at the gym. If weight lifting is notyour thing, there is totally no problem with that. You can go and try the treadmill and see how long you can go. If you enjoy dancing and music, then you can participate in aerobic sessions. Joining a gym does not have to be so agonizing, just choose the activities that you enjoy doing. Take a tour of the gyms nearest you and find the most appropriate one for you. Once you have a membership, you can go and initially start with 30 minute visits.

Get Friends Involved

Activities are more fun with friends around. So, if you can’t seem to get yourself motivated, talk your friends into getting active. The more friends you can convince the more fun it will be. You and your buddies can go cycling, hiking, jogging, dancing, and some other activities you all enjoy doing. As all your health gets stronger, so does the friendship.

Jump Rope

Do you know that one of the most difficult exercises in the world is jumping rope for at least 30 minutes straight? Sure, looking back, it was not that hard when you were a kid, but things are different now that you’re older. You can begin by jumping rope for a few minutes at a time, pause for a few breaths, and do it again. This exercise can help you shed considerable pounds as well as enhance your balance and dexterity. You will love jumping rope and you may have noticed how much it works for boxers who do it regularly to stay in shape.

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