3 Motivating Tips to Lose Weight

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Obesity is a problem that is escalating among American people. Studies show that 75% of America’s adult population is overweight to obese. However, this health dilemma may have encouraged more people to be concerned with their health and make efforts to improve their current condition. The interest is apparent by the booming billion-dollar health industry. A lot of people desire to lose weight and engage in health and fitness programs, but only a few of them persist. This is because they lack the motivation to lose weight. When you feel that you are losing the drive to keep on with your fitness aspiration, just read the few tips below to make you fascinated again.

Be around People Who Inspire You

Your goals in life are easier to achieve if you are around people who have the same mindset as you. You might have heard the notion that if you want to get rich then be around wealthy friends. Well, the same thing goes with losing weight. Being around people who are conscious about their health and figure can do a lot to keep you motivated. You can select your slimmest friends to go out, eat, and do activities with. Not for long, you will start shedding off weight and becoming like them. This is because you are now doing the same thing they do and probably eating the same food they have on their plates. If you don’t happen to have some trim friends to hang out with, you can sign up for gym classes and make new friends.

Consider Negative Outcomes

I know that most people say that positive thinking is always the key to everything, and I do agree with that. Making a list of all the benefits you can gain from losing weight and being healthy is a great idea, however considering all the negative consequences of being overweight can also become an effective motivator.

Keep a Clear Vision of Your Goal

Having a clear picture of how you want to look after weight loss can be a very good motivation. Sometimes, overweight people find it difficult to stare at themselves in the mirror. Now find a photo of yourself when you were at your thinnest figure and post it on the mirror, then be brave and take of your clothes and take a good look. Tell yourself that you can make your body go back to your ideal weight. If you can’t find any such photo, then cut an image that will represent your ideal weight and post it at places where it can be visible to you everyday. Make a promise to yourself that you will achieve your ideal weight, come what may.

You may not agree with everything I have mentioned above and find some of them negative. However, remember that you are conditioning yourself to wage a war for your health. In the course of your journey towards better health, be forgiving to yourself in moments that you go off track. Pick yourself up where you have fallen and always find more means to motivate yourself.

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