3 Creative Ways to Lose Weight

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Weight loss routines might be fun to do at the start, but they can really get repetitive after some time. This will eventually cause boredom and of course you start flaking off on your routine. Doing the same things over and over again may not be doing your motivation level any good. Adding some fun variations to your exercise may add some spice and bring the spirit back to your fitness endeavors. How about giving some offbeat and interesting activities a try? Read on for some ideas.


Indoor Rock Climbing

This can be a truly exciting activity that can be fun especially when done with friends. This is a fairly safe exercise, from padded floors to extraordinarily strong cables, and expert instructors or assistants. Successfully climbing to the top after struggling for 20 minutes or so can be exhilarating.

While indoor rock climbing can be fun, it also makes you lose a lot of your extra weight. Rock climbing is a demanding task that requires you to go all-out and focus. You will be so determined to reach the top and you won’t even realize that you are burning off calories at the same time. When you get back to the ground that is the time you notice that you are dripping in sweat.


Laughter refreshes your soul and it is likewise the greatest and easiest way to lose weight. In fact, scientific studies have rated is as the best ab workout.  How wonderful is that? So, find funny movies, invite friends over and enjoy tons of laughter. Make sure you do it a lot. You’ll be a lot happier and of course – slimmer!

Since comedy flicks are often oven an hour long, that means you can have a laughing workout for hours at a time. That is something you can rarely do for a regular ab workout. And, if you can, where is the fun in that?

Trade Your Regular Chair for an Exercise Ball

This may not be very conventional but it might prove to be the best change that you can do in your life. If you do a lot of sitting at a job, or at home, try swapping your chair with an exercise ball. Sure, you have to get used to it but think of the harmless fun in bouncing up and down. It takes more effort to sit on it compared to a regular chair, but you will be giving your abs an all day workout.


By applying this idea, you will shed extra pounds every month without even feeling like you have worked out for it. Keeping your balance along with the slow bouncing motion will burn a huge amount of calories every month.

If you are just resourceful and creative, exercise does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant task. Always continue to invent fun ways to exercise and don’t limit yourself only to the suggestions above. There are so much more fun and unique exercises for you to discover.

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