Stationary Exercise Bikes Are Great for Cardio Exercise

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Rows of stationary exercise bikes are a common site at fitness centers. This is because it has become one of the most basic tools for promoting general fitness, and it comes with a good reason. A stationary bike offers low-impact, effective, and safe way of doing cardiovascular exercise. It has added many features since it made its earliest appearance in 1796 with the invention of the gymnasticon which was developed to exercise joints. The stationary bike today has indeed come a long way.

Some stationary bikes are now enhanced with handlebars that are connected to the pedals. This feature was added to give the upper body a work out, too. Modern stationary bikes can read your heart rate, determine the calories you have burned, and other information. In some models, you have the option to pedal backwards so that the muscles not utilized when pedaling forward can also exert some effort. The stationary bike cardio workout does not cause a lot of stress to your joints since you are not compelled to make sporadic movements that some exercise equipment require. In addition, it can easily fit into your room. Many varieties are available to choose from, that can be suitable to the space you have available at home. They are handy and don’t require a lot of room.

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Obesity is a rising problem in our country today. The abundance of unhealthy food, and the way they are attractively advertised are making the problem of obesity even more difficult. The effects of obesity are changing peoples’ lives in ways you can never imagine. If you are physically fit, then you would not have any idea what obese people’s lives are like. But, if you are seriously overweight then you clearly understand what I mean. This article will discuss seven problems associated with obesity. Hopefully, after reading what obesity can do to you, you will deal with those extra pounds more seriously.

  1. It increases the Risk of High Blood pressure. Most overweight people are suffering from this ailment, and the first thing that the doctor will advise you to lose some weight.
  2. It lowers your self-esteem. Being overweight often leads you to having low self-esteem. Since you are not comfortable hanging out with certain people, making friends becomes much harder. You sometimes go to unreasonable extent to fin in to a group of people that you feel you inferior to, only because of their physical appearance.
  3. It makes shopping for clothes difficult. Often times you can’t shop at regular stores since it would be difficult to find clothes that fit nicely. If they do carry a size that fits you, it’s always in a special section. That does not do your self-esteem any good. It makes you feel alone even more.
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