You Can Be Healthier and Slimmer

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Achieving a better health and a svelte physique is indeed possible by eating responsibly. Here are four simple steps to guide you towards a healthy new you.

a. Have variation in your diet. Although there are foods that have been proven to be effective for fighting certain conditions, you must not limit yourself to them. Include a variation of fresh produce in your diet, like a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Cancers and other serious diseases can be prevented by consuming a wide variety of wholesome food.

Restricting yourself to particular foods can make your body nutritionally deficient, and eventually weaken your body’s resistance. Avoid getting sick by eating better and stuffing your daily meals with fruits, vegetables, organic dairy and meat products, whole grain cereals and bread, and only a very minimal amount of processed food.

b. Keep your food properly stored. Choose shops that sell the freshest produce because vegetables and fruits normally lose their nutritional content in storage. Upon arriving home, wash your produce and store them in a cool place or in the fridge and eat them the soonest possible. A screw top jar is a good container to store your fresh herbs. To keep herbs fresh longer, store them with a pinch of salt that’s covered with olive oil. The best place to store meet is at the bottom shelf of your freezer.

c. Avoid the Use of Supplements. It is far more beneficial to acquire your nutrients from a natural balanced diet, than by popping supplements. No one can tell for sure how certain supplements work, or if they do work at all. However, if you eat vegetables, fruits and other nutritious foods there is no risk of overdose. Supplements may not supply you with the correct balance of nutrients that your body needs. On the other hand, vegans should take vitamin B12, since their no meat or dairy diet has inadequate amount of this vitamin.

d. Always eat organic whenever you can. Organic foods are safer since they are produced similarly to how they were grown a thousand years ago. Organic foods are free from sewage sludge or synthetic chemicals. Medicines are only given to animals when they are not well, and not to make them gain weight faster. Likewise, organic foods are not genetically modified.

Although you have to spend a little extra to eat organic food, the great benefits you will get from it, makes it worth it. By eating organic, you significantly lower your risk of food poisoning and consuming chemical or drug residues. The nutritional content of organic foods doesn’t really differ from the ordinary foods in supermarkets, but they are entirely cleaner and safer. The animals are also less likely to develop diseases. The animal welfare standards are actually higher in organic farms and its impact in the environment is remarkably lower.

As much as possible purchase produce that are in season because that is when they are at their most nutritious state. It is also best to get them from local sources to ensure that they arrive to you fresh.

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