Why Women Should Perform Strength Training Workouts

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Body building and weight training exercises are also done by women who are lured not only by the sport’s challenges, but by their benefits as well. This kind of exercise can also be done with body weight or free weight exercises and weight training machines. When performed in a high intensity approach, women can find it to be as demanding and as beneficial it is for men.

Benefits of Muscle Strength Training in Women

One of the major advantages of muscle strength training is burning more fat by building muscles. Many women think that developing stronger muscles by engaging in high intensity exercise leads to larger, bulkier, and unfeminine body structure. This is pure fallacy. With women muscle strength training simply strengthens and firms up muscles and does not cause huge increases in their muscle mass. It is very unfortunate that some false notions prevent women from gaining the benefits of this form of exercise.

Another advantage of muscle strength in women is that it increases their metabolism. When the muscle groups become stronger, the metabolic rate increases. This means that more calories are used up all the time, and when the metabolic rate increases, this results to reduction of body fat. Women will gain the maximum results of muscle strength training by performing the exercise techniques properly and with higher intensity.

Difference of Muscle Strength Training for Men and Women

It may come as a surprise to you, but strength training for men and women does not have a significant difference. This is because both genders have similar muscle structure and their muscle groups perform the same functions. Their number of muscles as well as their movements is similar too. So, when both men and women develop stronger muscles, both of the genders reap the same important benefits, such as body fat reduction, improved physical capabilities, increased athletic performance, and increase in metabolism. Since the functions of a man and woman’s muscles are the same, then it is only but natural that they can both be made stronger by the same way.

The few differences in the workout results lie in the difference of their genetic body structure as well as their natural hormonal levels. A lot of men’s body structure have larger cross section of muscle mass, therefore a natural body strength overall. There is also the role of the hormone testosterone present in males that play a crucial role in augmenting their muscles as they get stronger. In contrast, a woman can generally make her muscle stronger without as much muscle size increase as a man’s. Only a very few women can build a tremendous amount of muscle mass. All human beings for that matter have unique body structure as determined by their genes that can also result to some differences in the way their bodies respond to exercise.

Women should not be reluctant or afraid to engage in strength training workouts. They must also learn how to perform the exercise properly in order to reap the maximum benefits. The use of high intensity exercise workouts can help anyone to achieve the best results from strength building workouts.

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