The 3 Pillars of Permanent Weight Loss

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In the quest for weight loss, a lot of people commit to various weight loss programs in the hope of achieving a fitter physique. Most people set out on their journey to weight loss eagerly; however only a few can keep their momentum. Many lose their enthusiasm and the drive to pursue their weight loss goals and give up eventually.

Losing weight entails a lot of hard work and self discipline. It is all about keeping active, making healthier choices in your diet, and modifying your lifestyle. These are changes that not everyone can keep up with. However, if you put into practice the three pillars for permanent weight loss, your chances of success will be higher.

Everyone considering losing weight focuses first and foremost on the first pillar, which is nutrition. Likewise, majority also concentrates on the second pillar, which is exercise. The third pillar, which is the most crucial, is often the one that is overlooked. The pillar that we are talking about is mind-set. It is the most essential foundation that must be developed even before you begin your weight loss program.

Let us look into each of the three pillars and analyze their importance.

1st Pillar – Nutrition

It is a known fact that no diet can become successful without proper nutrition. That is a simple fact, but not as simple as the common calorie in vs. calorie out theory in every dieter’s bible. Weigh loss nutrition actually amounts to health and sustainability. If you are relying on some magic diet formula, you might lose weight at the beginning, but you are not likely to keep them off for long. A healthy diet will result to a healthy system, which is what you need for a triumphant long term or permanent weight loss.

2nd Pillar

Weight loss may be possible without exercise, however not if we look at it in the long term perspective. Exercise provides many benefits that a good nutrition alone can’t offer. Exercise tones your muscles and improves your overall circulatory system. It also assists in controlling and manipulating your hormones as well as your metabolism. These are the critical elements if you are looking at long term weight loss.

3rd Pillar – Mindset

The third pillar is what keeps all pillars together. Without proper mind-set everything else will just crumble to the ground. This is because if you don’t possess the right subconscious mind-set, sticking with your exercise routine and keeping a healthy diet becomes very difficult, in fact it may even be impossible. I am not only referring to your conscious thought on weight loss, but how you have programmed your subconscious. That determines your failure or success and works as your driving force.

Each of these three pillars plays an essential role in your fitness goals. You can look at it as a structure with three supports. Once you remove one pillar, the whole structure will collapse. Work hard on each structure, but bear in mind the importance of mind-setting and the strength it gives to the other two pillars.

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