Lose Weight Permanently through Behavior Change

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s amazing how many exercise equipment are introduced in shopping channels every month, each promising to be better that the other. The same thing goes for diet and fitness programs. Although some of these are effective and some are not, the real key to success is YOU. No exercise equipment, diet and fitness programs will ever work if you don’t make it do so.

What is commonly occurring is that people engage in exercise and diet programs and eventually lose weight, but then they gain it all back. If you are attempting to lose weight, the most ideal goal to aim for is permanent weight loss. The most effective way to achieve this is by adopting healthy behaviors and a personal lifestyle change. Instead of focusing mainly on the amount of calories each food can give you, direct your efforts mainly on changing your unhealthy habits. You can begin by making these five changes in your lifestyle.

1. Avoid fast food and drive-thrus. Yes, even if you are planning to only have coffee. Just being around these places increases your food cravings and weakens your resolve. Fast food only destroys your body rather than nourish it, so you would gain more by turning your back on it.

2. Do your grocery shopping every 3-4 days. This would make it possible for you to have fresh vegetables and fruits all the time. Perhaps you can start by adding a green salad at dinner time and make this turn into a habit, and later on, a part of your daily life. Keep on adjusting your menu little by little, until healthy meals become a part of your life.

3. Never eat in the car. This is never meant to be a place to eat anyway; it’s not soothing, nor is it relaxing. In addition, you can never eat consciously while you are driving. Your mind is too busy processing a lot of things, traffic lights, sharp turns, or toddlers sitting in the back seat. With all these happening at once, it’s easy to overeat and overlook huge food portions.

4. Don’t eat while watching TV. This is another habit that promotes eating unconsciously. Do you know that when you eat in front of your TV you are bound to consume 40 to 50% more calories? The more engrossed you are with your television show, the more amount of food you munch through.

5. Set limits around your food choices. Once you have determined your boundaries, be firm about it. Sometimes, when you make changes to your food choices you would attract comments or criticisms from others. Be strong and don’t let this bother you. If you want, you can tell your family and friends that you are doing some changes to your food preferences and that you would appreciate it if nobody comments about it. Chances are, they will understand and leave you in peace. Remember that although you share meals with other people, your food preferences are personal and it must be respected.

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