Keep Your Extra Weight Off Completely

Monday, September 24, 2012 · 0 comments

When you diet, you lose weight. Everybody knows that. So, what happened to your latest diet efforts? Most probably you lost weight and gained it back, but this time with a few pounds more. This is a very familiar cycle for a lot of dieters out there. The process seems to support the equation of diet = weight gain.

A yo-yo diet is caused by people’s absolute focus on the end result. Diets fail because they come to an end. Upon reaching their desired weight, people automatically discontinue their diet programs and exercise routines, hence the extra pounds start creeping in once again. To ensure permanent success, focus on the process of losing weight and keeping it off, instead of being so fixated by a number in the weighing scale or a certain date on the calendar.

Start being too consumed with your dream weight and the deadline that you have imposed on yourself, otherwise you will feel lost when you achieve them. You will yourself asking “What now?” Chances are, if you have not instilled healthy habits into your lifestyle, you will go back to the one you had before you started dieting. Then the vicious cycle begins, you lose weight, gain it back, gain some more, and then you try losing the extra weight again. This does not happen because you are a weak person or you lack self-control, but it is because that is how people are wired since the beginning of time.

Let me give you a few tips on what exactly needs to be done.

  • Give your environment a total assessment. Is there anything in it that allows you to lose weight and keep it off? You don’t have to make huge or drastic changes. As long as there are a few little things, then you’re good.
  • Is there any behavior you can change that would help you attain success? As I have said, it does not have to be anything major.
  • Were there any successes that you have achieved in the past that are not necessarily related to losing weight? Try to recall the skills that you have used in your success and develop it into something that you can use to keep your weight off permanently.
  • Think of a belief that you can hold on to that could help ensure your success. Remember that beliefs are only ideas that you can change and challenge when needed.
  • Figure out the exact things that you will get if you lose weight. This will compel you to change some of your unhealthy habits.
  • Determine your reasons for losing weight. Is it for vanity, health, or your desire to live to old age and see your children growing up? Whatever your reason is, let it be your inspiration.

Your reasons don’t really matter that much, what matters most is how you focus on them. Process thinking is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off permanently. It is also what makes you adapt a better lifestyle that will ensure a healthier figure that lasts.

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