I Hate Being Fat

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 · 0 comments

When I was still a toddler, my mom used to tell me that many people would love to cuddle and kiss me because of my chubby cheeks and chubby physique. When I look at my old pictures, I must agree that yes, I am cute an adorable. When I reached the elementary years, my baby fats were still there. It could be because I really love eating sweets like candies and chocolates. As a kid, these are pleasures that are simply irresistible. I think many adult would also agree because chocolates are simply delicious and to die for.

Time passes and I reached high school years. During those times, I can still recall that many of my classmates used to bully and make fan of me because I am fat. I sweat a lot and my face is left oily and shiny. I don’t feel good about myself. Because of the everyday bullying and funny jokes on me, my self-esteem was reduced. I became an introvert and timid person that I carry on until my college years.

During my college years, I still experience some bullying and funny jokes but a little less. Then I met someone. A guy whom I think was very nice and sweet. That was the first time I fell in love. That was also the time that I realized that I should slim down and have an improved lifestyle.

Since then, I started to work out. Once a week, I visit the gym and little by little it became a habit and I go there at least three times each week. After a month or two, I noticed some improvement in my weight.

I also became picky in my food choices. I only eat the ones that I think has fewer calories and fewer fats. I was happy with what I am doing with that special guy as my inspiration and motivation.

After a couple of months, many people noticed a major difference in my figure. They asked for my secret and I just told them that lifestyle modification is the key.

I have a usual routine every day. It mainly regards with my diet plan.

For breakfast: I prepare a sandwich, a fruit and low fat milk. This is the only meal that I can prepare because I have limited time to cook. I see to eat that my bread is made from wheat. The spread could be chicken or tuna. The fruit could be a banana, a slice of apple or an orange. If at times, I don’t have any spread or bread, I will just opt to have an oatmeal or cereal.

For lunch: I always eat rice topped with meat or chicken, a portion of vegetable and fruit for dessert.

For my dinner: I mostly eat seafood, usually fish. I will still have some serving of vegetable and fruit.

Sometimes, I have a snack of yoghurt or fruit shakes. The ones without sugar content are best.

Now, I am a new me. Because of my new and improved lifestyle, I feel refreshed, fit and sexy without any consciousness with how I look.

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