Exercise to Stay Young

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Most if not all off us want to stay young and cling to our youth for as long as we possibly can. The beauty industry has flourished because of this desire. Anti-wrinkle creams, anti-aging pills, and anti-aging lotions are some of the great selling products that promise to extend your youthfulness. But, if you are looking for the most effective way to stay young, you might find the answer in the great outdoors.

Put on your most comfortable pair of running shoes and run, jog, or take a hike. These activities will do wonders to your health and fight visible signs of ageing as well. It is disheartening to find that among the adult population in the US, only 40% exercise regularly. And, only about 25% of Americans have engaged in regular exercise for five years or more.

Although there is a larger percentage of young adults who engage in exercise and other physical activities, the number begin to dwindle significantly with age. This should never be the case considering that most adults want to fight old age. In order to stay younger looking and maintain perkiness in their step, adults should continue to remain physically active.

What are the anti-aging benefits you get from exercise?

If you need some motivation to exercise and stay active, think about how it can improve your health and your quality of life. Exercise is your best defense for aging and it will keep your body in top condition. In fact, you will look as youthful as you feel.

  1. Exercise strengthens your bones. Around 25 million Americans are diagnosed with osteoporosis. This is a disease that causes severe bone loss. You need to exercise as you age in order to strengthen your bone density and avoid possible breaks and fractures. You might already have lost bone density because of osteoporosis, but the good news is that you can gain some back by strength training and doing high-intensity exercises like walking and jogging.
  2. Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular health. In the US the leading cause of death for both men and women is heart disease. You can support your cardiovascular health by exercising regularly. Exercise reduces the risk cardiovascular disease by 50% in men. For best results, combine exercise with a healthy diet and less stressful lifestyle. Quitting smoking can also increase longevity significantly.
  3. Exercise boosts your memory. It can help trigger the formation of new brain cells that fight the effects of dementia which has been associated with aging. Since exercise stimulates areas of the brain, it helps support memory and learning. Studies show that older adults with active lifestyle and exercise regularly perform better in memory, decision making, and problem solving tests.
  4. Exercise fights depression. It enhances mental health and lessens the symptoms of depression. The antidepressant effect of regular physical activity is in fact comparable to antidepressant prescriptions, such a Zoloft. You can achieve best results by exercising 3 to 5 days a week for at least half an hour.
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep at night. It helps older adults who tend to struggle with restless sleep due to old age. Regular exercise can make a whole lot of difference. Your body temperature naturally dips 5 to 6 hours after exercising and this helps you get a sound sleep at night.

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