Easy Fitness and Health Techniques

Thursday, October 4, 2012 · 0 comments

When one is referred to as fit we simply conclude that this person is most probably on a strict diet and chooses the right food always.  But that is surprisingly incorrect.  Being fit does not always mean you should not engorge yourself with lustful sweets and tasty treats then stick only to low carb high fiber diet.  Such is a stereotype. True is the fact that your choice of food affects your being fit but that does not mean you cannot have a cheat day.  Just make sure you have plenty of time spent on being busy physically and engage into sports. way If you are fit, your body works well, you feel extremely good inside out, and can do almost all the things you want to do.

Aside from that, one must consider to eat a variety of foods, and not just following on one line of the food pyramid.  Having a well rounded diet, which means you consume varied foods contained in the food pyramid, then that is likely the most ideal diet. You may have your own favorite food however, what is best for you is to eat a variety of food. If you set yourself in eating different foods then you are more likely to obtain the nutrients that your body really needs and not just what you want. One approach in establishing this strategy is to taste new foods which you have never tried yet and continue to feast on old ones you have not tried for a quite some time. Other foods, such as green veggies, becomes more pleasing to your taste buds once you get older in age but when you are still young and active you might clutter yourself eating oily unhealthy foods. Better make sure that you consume at least five servings of fruits, grains and vegetables a day with an equal ratio of two fruits and three vegetables a day.

Another better way to stay fit and healthy is of course the old traditional way.  Play and get into sports. When you play a sport, you have to make sure you have the equipment you need, like your bat for baseball, cleats for soccer, and running sneakers for marathon. You could not possibly and actively play the game you like without having the right and proper equipment. Be very cautious on the right apparel fit for the right game.  When you are into sports you should also consider the proper diet fit for the sport you are currently engaged into.  Like, if you want to be a fighter either as a boxer or taek won doo then you need to have high protein diet. If you want to engage in basketball or baseball then a diet fit for that type of sport should be followed.  It all depends on you. Generally, be sure that you should try to make into consideration that you have to swallow some healthy food packed with the nutrients you need.

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