Conquering a Sedentary Lifestyle

Friday, October 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Does your job involve sitting in front of a desk eight hours a day? And, most probably you also sit in your car to drive to and from work every day, and spend several more hours after dinner comfortably seated on your couch and watching your favorite show. I don’t have to ask if you’re gaining pounds or if you’re waistline is expanding, because I am quite certain that you are. You may have made some attempts to become fit, and must have been earnest with your efforts at some point, but attaining good health and fitness is a continuing process. You have to make it permanent part of your life.

You might be surprised, but if you assess your current lifestyle there are actually many ways that you can increase the amount of exercise you do every day, without exactly going to the gym. There may be a parking lot that is a little farther than your office or local store, you can park you car there instead and take the opportunity to walk. Walking is a good form of exercise, walk whenever you can. Walk to collect your mail from the mailbox, mow the lawn yourself, deliver papers in the office in person, take the stairs and there are probably more ways that you can think of that can suit your daily routine.

Whenever possible, do your work in the office for some time standing up. You can also stimulate your feet by keeping wooden rollers under your desk. When you go to the bathroom go up and down on your toes for a minute or two in order to flex your foot and calf muscles. If your employer provides an exercise room for their staff, take advantage if that wonderful opportunity. You can spend some of your break time to exercise. If this is not possible, walk around the parking lot during your lunch hour or break time.

The secret is to start small. You can increase your level of exercise when your body has been conditioned by your simple but consistent exercise efforts or when you feel that you are ready to do more. If you can fit in a mile of brisk-walking every day, you will surely see your extra pounds go away. By keeping that intimidating thought of tiresome hours at the gym, you will be inspired to think that you can actually exercise around the day by incorporating it into your routine and lifestyle.

Once you have already gotten yourself started, you will be motivated to further. You can lift one or two pound weights even as you are watching television. You can give your dog a treat and take him for really long walks. Get into the garage cleaning or room make over that you have been putting off. When you’re having fun with your exercise, you may even consider signing up for the gym.

So, now you realize that it is not impossible to fit simple exercises into your day regardless of the current lifestyle you live. The simple steps above, combined with a much healthier diet can be your key to weight loss.

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