Busting Common Weight Loss Myths

Friday, October 12, 2012 · 0 comments

The number of overweight people in our population is rising. That is why diet and fitness programs are also on the rise. Along with the issue of excess weight come different notions and opinions about weight loss. While some of these are true, there are also quite a number that are completely myths. Let’s examine some of them.

There is a perfect exercise formula for losing weight.

The belief that there is a 100% seamlessly perfect formula for weight loss is not true. The truth is that there is no perfect exercise routine or method that is better than the rest. The difference lies in the execution, frequency, and consistency of the person performing the exercise. The most important thing to bear in mind is that you have to burn more calories in the course of your exercise, than what you are consuming. This means that the more exercises you perform, the more excess fat your body will burn.

Some people are overweight because it’s in their genes.

This is a completely wrong principle. Believing that you are fat because it runs in your family is a lame excuse. You are not overweight because of some fat genes you have inherited somewhere. The reason why most of your family members are overweight is most likely because you all have the same unhealthy diets. Although there might be some people who are more predisposed to gaining extra weight, they will not become fat if they maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

You can lose all your excess body fat in two weeks.

This is impossible and unreasonable. You can’t lose that much body weight in such a short time even with the aid of extra fast weight loss programs. Besides, losing weight drastically by taking shortcuts will only make your body go through a rebound. You will just gain back the weight you have lost just as quickly, but this time you will be gaining even more.

A slow metabolic rate makes you fat.

This belief is only acceptable if a medical professional has diagnosed you as having a medical condition resulting to low metabolic rate, otherwise the simple truth of the matter is that you are overweight because of the amount of food you eat and the sedentary life you lead.

I must eat very well after exercising.

Yes, you do have to provide your body with nutritious food when you are exercising, however you must be careful with your food intake. You should never consume more calories than what you are burning. To achieve your fitness goals, you must remember the golden rule – eat less and exercise more.

I have tried all diet and fitness programs out there but to no avail.

This is what overweight people who have failed to follow their diet program properly commonly say. It is a misleading statement that holds no truth. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you must follow diet and fitness programs to the letter. There should be no cheating and no shortcuts.

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