5 Top Benefits You Get from Pilates

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You may have already heard so many good things about Pilates and now you are persuaded to give it a try. Actually, Pilates has many forms of exercise, in fact hundreds of them. So, where do you begin? First and foremost, you have to decide on a place where you will practice it. Your budget and desired comfort level may be some influential deciding factors.

Some major suburbs and cities have studios especially dedicated to Pilates. One advantage of practicing Pilates in a studio is that you would no longer have to shell out money for equipment costs. The studio will provide you with mats, blankets, and other props.

You can also check out your local gym, they may be offering Pilates as one of their exercise programs. Confirm if they have a beginner’s class available and likewise, ensure that they have a qualified instructor. If exercising at the gym does not work for you, you can choose to purchase some Pilates videos and learn to do the exercise in the comfort of your own home.

Pilates has many benefits, such as improved muscle tone and weight loss. Unlike other complex and demanding forms of exercises, Pilates is an exercise that almost anyone can perform. It can be done regardless of your present physical fitness level. Pilates focuses on concentration, breathing, control, centering, and precision of movement. Some of its moves can be done either with a mat on the floor, or with the help of special equipment.

Let me discuss to you further the key benefits you will gain from Pilates.


Very similar to Yoga, Pilates is performed in an attentive and contemplative way. The exercise calls for a complete awareness of all your body parts and the movements they are exerting. You leave nothing to chance. As you pay full attention to your body’s alignment, you create more awareness of yourself, not just while you are doing the exercise, but in all aspects of life. It is the mindfulness that makes Pilates more effective.

Increased Core Strength

In Pilates remember that your powerhouse, or your core, is the region from beneath your ribs to your pubic bone. Becoming strong in this part has many advantages, such as alleviating your back pain. Many people have debilitating back problems and Pilates is a proven exercise to improve this condition over time. Likewise, when you have increased your core strength your clothes will also fit you better.

Flatter Abdomen

Moms who have been practicing Pilates, swear by the effectiveness of the exercise in attaining flatter abs. This is because of the extra focus given to breathing technique that facilitates burning of fats quickly.

Improved Muscle Definition

Lean and perfectly defined muscles can be achieved over time by people participating in Pilates. They don’t even have to lift weights of engage in rigorous exercises. This is because Pilates focuses on fully completing the exercise rather than on repetition. This will prevent you from developing unattractive bulky muscles.

Weight Loss

Pilates is an ideal exercise for permanent weight loss. The combination of full body focus, breathing, and concentrated movement will effectively prevent excess weight to come back. And, since you are more aware of your body, you will now become more mindful of your diet and overall wellbeing.

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