5 Tips to Eat Healthy While on the Go

Friday, November 2, 2012 · 0 comments

When you are on a diet, there are so many advices you can find on how to eat out and keep your diet. All of them may be sound advice, but not all are practical and easy to follow.

Travel can bring you to unfamiliar places and sometimes arriving late at night. You can find yourself in a place where the only place that’s open for the night is a fast food chain and the only other choice is your hotel room service. Likewise, if you have been travelling regularly enough, you know how hard it is to stick to pasta with tomato sauce at all times. And, not to mention the blank face you get from chain restaurant crew when you ask them to prepare your food in another way, like leaving off the mayonnaise, swapping the chips for side salad, or what have you. So, the most common decision we make at times is just to give in for the time being. But, this won’t do for constant travelers or for people who have to eat out every day.

Below are some helpful tips that you can follow on how to eat health while you are on the go.

Research the options available in the area

Services like Yell and Yelp can really be used to your advantage when travelling in an unfamiliar territory. Before arriving at your destination, it would help to find the options you have in advance. If your search results to “nothing,” plain rice chicken or noodles from a local Chinese takeout would be a better choice than most hotel food.

Know Your Restaurants

Globalization has made restaurants have branches in almost every area. Most of these restaurants make their menu along with the nutritional value online. If you have frequented three or four healthy restaurants then all you have to do is find the closest one. This way, you would not have to keep on looking through menus and deciding what’s healthy and what isn’t, all the time.

Be Realistic

Only if you have proven to yourself that you have enough willpower to turn your back on a burger while standing on a McDonald’s counter, should you go inside one. If you’re uncertain, you’re better of grabbing a salad bowl and cooked chicken from a supermarket. You can also opt for hot chicken wrap, but stay away from the 800 calorie burger.

Know Your Portions

The most difficult part that you would have to deal with when dining out is the portion sizes. They are so much bigger than what you make at home. A healthy pasta is usually twice the as big as the reasonable serving. What you can do is ordering two starters. You will get smaller portions that will be more satisfying, or share a meal with a travelling companion.

Be Prepared

If your job or your lifestyle requires you to travel a lot, find out things that you can take with you to make it easier for you to stick to your diet. You can bring along pots of porridge, individual salad cups, sachets or cups of soup, etc. 

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