5 Simple Tips to a Better Health and Well-Being

Thursday, August 2, 2012 · 0 comments

We are overloaded with tons of tips on how to keep ourselves fit. A number of tips are really effective, but they do not stop our waistlines from growing. I guess we can’t put all the blame on the tips’ effectiveness. Although some really easy to follow and inspiring fitness tips stir us into action for several days, most of us really lack the follow through. So, if you are indeed serious to keep those extra pounds off, consider the following tips.

1. Change need not be difficult

When we think of keeping ourselves fit, what immediately come to mind are the long workouts at the gym, boring green salads in exchange for sumptuous high fat meals, life without desserts, and perhaps the sound of our growling stomachs. In short, a complete lifestyle change. The simple thought of that is enough for us to recoil. However, change does not have to be difficult. You just need to learn the proper methods. Don’t let the fear of giving up your lifestyle keep you from attaining a fitter body.

2. Have a Strong Commitment

The most important thing that you must possess before engaging in any fitness program is commitment. Every program will be effective and feasible if you have the will power to carry on and of course the willingness to modify some aspects in your lifestyle. Remember, you are not required to give up everything; you only have to eat simply and wisely and be more active. Often times it would just mean changing your preferences, such as replacing sweet candies with sweet fruits. If you make better choices, you reap rewards with a healthier and fitter you.

3. Mind Your Eating Habits

The good news is you can eat almost anything you want, but watch out the proportions. Eat more frequently but in lesser quantities. Instead of limiting yourself to only two meals a day, eat after every few hours in controlled portions. This will keep your metabolism high.

4. Drink More Water

The more amount of water you drink per day, the more fat and sodium you are going to flush out from your body. Experts recommend drinking at least six to eight glasses of water every day. Drinking much water is proven to be effective in suppressing your appetite as well. Drinking approximately 10 glasses of water daily will help you get slimmer. Likewise, by having one or two glasses especially before meals, you will feel fuller.

5. Be More Active

Regular exercise is very important. Eating less without exercise may limit your chances of reducing weight. Enrolling in expensive gyms and health clubs is absolutely unnecessary. A 15 to 30 minute walk around your neighborhood is sufficient. Most find a stroll in the park after dinner to be a pleasurable physical activity. You don’t have to stress yourself with counting the number of minutes you have walked or jogged. Bear in mind that something is better than nothing at all. Just make walking or jogging a part or your routine and you are well on your way to fitness. If exercise is not really your thing, try engaging in an enjoyable activity instead, like badminton, ballroom dancing, and gardening just to name a few.




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