4 Bodyweight Exercises for Cardio Workout

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Do you have any idea how good body weight exercise is for you? A lot of people underestimate the effectiveness of body weight exercises when used as a cardio training strategy. If you don’t know it yet, body weight exercises can bring a lot of benefits to your body, especially when you are watching your weight. This form of exercise decreases your unwanted fat and increases your full body strength. The secret is to create or develop a routine that is effective for you and make it more challenging as you go.

The biggest downside there is to bodyweight exercises is that your body tends to adapt to it after some time, and when it does the body no longer responds to it as much. That is why it is necessary to vary your exercise routine and continuously increase its level of difficulty. Bodyweight exercise can be used as your sole method of working out. However, it becomes more effective when you use it in combination with weightlifting.

Read on, and you will discover a few bodyweight exercise methods that you can incorporate into your cardio routine straight away.

1. Deep Squats

Many people are concerned that deep squats are terribly hazardous for your knees. This is a very common misconception. Deep squats can only be damaging if you have existing knee issues, but if they are in perfect condition, deep squats can strengthen your legs even more.

Deep squats have a higher level of difficulty as compared to the traditional variation. The secret to making it easier is to perform it properly by pushing your hips back as you squat, keeping your weight on your heels, and keeping your back straight all the time. Repeat this process nice and slow.

2. Plyometric Push-Ups

This exercise has been developed to build pure strength as well explosiveness. Before advancing to this form of exercise, it would be ideal to start with traditional push-ups.

Begin with the traditional push-up position and proceed to lowering your body to the ground and exploding off the ground as you are pushing upwards, and landing softly on each of your lands. Explosive push-ups is a notable anaerobic training which strengthens your fast twitch muscle fibers.

3. Bear Crawls

This exercise has become very famous among athletes because of its high level of difficulty. Bear crawls require an open space. You perform it by crawling on all fours as rapidly as possible for 40 to 60 yards.

You will be feeling fire on your shoulders, triceps, and quads towards the end of the exercise, so you would need to push yourself harder. Bear crawls are effective for boosting overall body strength as well as anaerobic endurance.

4. Explosive Squats

Explosive squats will increases the strength of your fast twitch muscle fiber. It also allows you to become more explosive.

Begin with the traditional squat position, then begin squatting to 90 degrees and exploding off the ground, and landing softly. The explosive squats target the glutes and quads directly.

The four exercises above are only a few of the hundreds of body weight exercises you can include in your cardio routine, but they will set you off to a good start!

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