3 Home Remedies to Lose Weight Instantly

Monday, September 10, 2012 · 0 comments

Not all remedies for weight loss are at the gym or in a bottle of diet pills. There are actually effective weight loss measures that you can do right in your own home an see amazing results at the shortest amount of time.

We all know how food affects our body. You eat a lot of unhealthy food every day and that will surely send you to a doctor sooner or later. Not eating responsibly does not only make your body weaker but it also make you put on significant weight.

If the food you eat at home is the cause of your problem, then the solution can also be found in the food that you are eating at home. Instead of going for dangerous diet pills from the pharmacy, do these 3 weight loss remedies and reap its amazing results instantly.

1. Check Food Labels

This does not only mean checking for fact and calorie content. What matters most is the list of ingredients. If it contains a long list of things that you don’t recognize, return it on the shelf. That shows the food is processed and is most probably filled with hidden genetically modified organisms. These are not natural type of organisms and they were not tested properly on humans before putting them out on the market.

The best choice would be food that has a short list of ingredients. Around 10 ingredients on the label will tell you that it’s real food that you are eating and not somebody’s science project. Now, you can start checking out your pantry and see the labels of the food that you have on stock. You can do yourself a great favor by throwing out everything which has a bunch of crazy ingredients you can even hardly pronounce.

On your next trip to the grocery, you will know what type of food to get. Keep your pantry filled only with food that are good for you. Once you keep it that way you will surely lose pounds almost instantly.

2. Make homemade juices

Most of us let a lot of fruits and vegetables rot at home. If you have some in stock and you are not so keen on eating them, juice them. It will make you enjoy these healthy foods all in a different way. Juicing also breaks down food into a form that is easily absorbed by the body. This allows good nutrients to go into your system faster.

If you are juicing some vegetables that you think the taste won’t appeal to you, cut up some fruit and them to the vegetables. You can also add some tonic water to add flavor or some ice to quench your thirst.

3. Split a High Calorie Meal

If you are feeling guilty because you are about to gorge on a calorie dense meal, split the meal into two and save the other half for another meal. Big meals that are high in calories can bog you down and ruin you diet efforts. Dividing them into two and eating only one portion would greatly lessen the damage.

Be sure to enjoy every bite of your meal and savor every bite as you chew. Really put your thoughts into the process. Take delight in the first part of the digestion process. This gets you feeling full quickly, thus preventing yourself from over-indulging.

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