10 Tips to Lose Weight Safely

Monday, November 5, 2012 · 0 comments

Calculate your ideal weight before you begin outlining your diet plan. This will serve as your benchmark as you attempt to shed off those extra pounds. Your ideal weight will also help you determine your timeline in achieving your goal. At this point, be realistic. Don’t aim for ridiculous and unreasonable quick weight loss goals, such as losing 50 pounds in a week. Be prepared to accept that your aim to lose several pounds may take you several months to achieve. It may likewise take years for obese individuals to attain their ideal weight. The pace of your weight loss largely depends on how focused you are on your diet. You must also remain strong in your belief that you are capable of living a full and healthy life.

Here are some tips to help start the ball rolling and help you achieve your ideal weight in the shortest time possible.

  1. Be aware of your daily calorie limit. It would mean a great deal if you already have the number figured out on the first day of your diet program. This information will guide you as to how many calories you can consume on a daily basis and you can plan your meals around it.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I know that you hear this in almost all diet programs out there, but this is only because it has been proven to be helpful and valuable to your overall health. Studies have shown that your body requires at least five fruit and vegetable servings per day. So, incorporating them into your daily menu is a superb starting point in maintaining a healthier body. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, antioxidants, and good fibers. They help keep you feel fuller thus preventing you from overeating.
  3. Never skip meals. A lot of people who want to lose weight think that the more meals they miss out on the closer they get to their weight goal. This is a very wrong notion that is bound to backfire. It will only push you to binge and jeopardize all your fitness efforts. The best way to do is to eat five to six small meals throughout the day. This will keep you blood sugar in a balanced level and keep your energy high at the same time.
  4. Opt for the best quality food that’s within your budget. Avoid food with dense calories and always keep your portions small. If you want to make digestion more effective and avoid overindulging yourself, chew your food slowly.
  5. Eat natural and fresh foods. Eating fresh fruits, veggies, and any other foods that are not processed will facilitate weight loss.
  6. Reward yourself and indulge on occasion. Dieting doesn’t mean that you will never taste your favorite food again. You can enjoy them from time to time, but remember to have it with moderation.
  7. Check out food labels. Don’t believe everything that is printed on the labels of processed foods. Always check read the nutritional content.
  8. Drink plenty of water. It is a much better choice over sugar laden beverages. Consume at least 8 glasses daily. It does not only help keep you feel fuller, but it also removes toxins and waste from your body.
  9. Keep a journal. This can be tedious, but it’s worth it to keep a record of every food and drink you’ve had for the day. It increases your awareness and keeps you on track.
  10. Exercise. Get into a physical activity. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, but be sure you get 30 minutes or 1 hour of physical activity daily.

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