Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

September 2012

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Thursday, September 27, 2012 · 0 comments

Weight loss plans are usually perceived as complicated routines that are strenuous and tough to follow. Meal plans are seen to be such a burden and often met with gloomy faces dreading days of unsatisfying meals. Well, if we aim to lose weight, the fact is we do have to make sacrifices; however, the extent to the sacrifice we make need not be that grueling.

How about if I will tell you that there is a cheat sheet that you can follow? Yes, I am about to introduce to you an easy plan that will only require minimal changes in your lifestyle. By following these steps you will be on your way to achieving a firmer body and flatter belly for life.

Eat. That might come as a surprise for you, but the best way to get your metabolism going and maintain a higher one is by eating six meals throughout the day. The ideal eating schedule is every three hours. In order to avoid overeating, your body requires constant refueling.

Plan. This is the best way to ensure that all the meals you will be eating are healthy. Try preparing your meals twice a week. You can marinate meat, cut up vegetables for your salads and other dishes, and cook your meals. You prepare a variety of healthy meals and snacks in advance and store them in one serving containers. This way you will know for sure that you will be eating right for the whole week. It will make your weight goals easier to achieve.

Emphasize on Good Food. In order to function properly, our bodies require different kinds of nutrition, such as protein, carbohydrates, water, and even fat. Try to stick to a diet that is high in protein and fiber but low in carbohydrates. Likewise, stay away from processed foods. Make your meal plan focus on lean meat and legumes for your protein source. This type of protein will provide you with sufficient amount of fat that will suppress craving for that bag of unhealthy potato chips.

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In Fitness and In Health

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 · 0 comments

This coming holiday season, we urge everyone not to follow the recent trend – avoid the so called- Seasonal Seven.  Seasonal Seven is regarded to as the average weight where most Americans gain between the days of Thanksgiving and New Year’s. That is definitely one trend you should not participate.

Well almost everyone wants to have their wonderful time during that time of year and if you will not participate in these days you will definitely lose half of your life. Do not worry! The celebrations do not have to be eradicated or avoided. One may have a magnificent time while also keeping your weight gain at minimum and staying fit.

The best kept secret to having a holiday season that is not only enjoyable but also maintaining fitness is moderation. One might bank on two stereotype approaches during the seasonal festivities: 1) Do away with all the healthy habits out the window and pamper yourself in every guilty pleasure 2) Not eating anything before the day of the party. Definitely, neither of the approaches mentioned above is successful at attaining a healthy, fit lifestyle during the holiday season.

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Fitness and Health

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 · 0 comments

Staying fit and at the same time healthy is quite a rigorous task.  One may not achieve the level of fitness with the desired health.  Others may cunningly appear as fit but is actually internally unhealthy.  These are the various quandaries people encounter when they attempt to stay fit and healthy.

The real “Fitness and Health” concept requires the understanding that one is only considered as fit if one is at the same time healthy. Keeping one healthy and fit means eating right and following a type of exercise which not only works for their schedule but routine exercise which they can religiously comply. Many people are confused on what to eat and type of exercise they want to follow because if they ask 100 different specialists on eating right and exercising, they will also get 100 varied answers which is not really that helpful, realistically speaking. Aside from that, there are those television commercials that assert this or that exercise equipment or a miracle medicine is the answer.

We are also blasted with those workout videos, fitness and health magazines and thousands of books which promise similar claim of attaining beautiful and healthy body. In reality these books, medicines, gadgets and others will not do the job for us.  What they offer is a junk load of false promises and assertions which not only takes our time but also our hard earned money. They successfully introduced these false pretentions enough to lure people to the understanding that they represent the truth.  This is the painful reality we currently face.

But fear not because there is really a silver lining on each cloud. We are ultimately making the decision for ourselves; therefore, let us not allow that to happen. Let us conquer those myths and separate fact from fiction.

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Keep Your Extra Weight Off Completely

Monday, September 24, 2012 · 0 comments

When you diet, you lose weight. Everybody knows that. So, what happened to your latest diet efforts? Most probably you lost weight and gained it back, but this time with a few pounds more. This is a very familiar cycle for a lot of dieters out there. The process seems to support the equation of diet = weight gain.

A yo-yo diet is caused by people’s absolute focus on the end result. Diets fail because they come to an end. Upon reaching their desired weight, people automatically discontinue their diet programs and exercise routines, hence the extra pounds start creeping in once again. To ensure permanent success, focus on the process of losing weight and keeping it off, instead of being so fixated by a number in the weighing scale or a certain date on the calendar.

Start being too consumed with your dream weight and the deadline that you have imposed on yourself, otherwise you will feel lost when you achieve them. You will yourself asking “What now?” Chances are, if you have not instilled healthy habits into your lifestyle, you will go back to the one you had before you started dieting. Then the vicious cycle begins, you lose weight, gain it back, gain some more, and then you try losing the extra weight again. This does not happen because you are a weak person or you lack self-control, but it is because that is how people are wired since the beginning of time.

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The Benefits of Weight Loss

Saturday, September 22, 2012 · 0 comments

Over the past decades, obesity has grown into a major international problem, with worldwide obesity figures doubling since 1980. Statistics have shown obesity rates in many developed countries growing at alarming rates. In the US alone, 1 out of every 3 adults is obese. Billions of dollars are spent every year on medical costs associated with the condition.

Fortunately, both obesity and excessive body weight are completely preventable and reversible, thanks to effective and readily available weight loss methods.

Weight loss methods range from basic dietary programs and exercise regimens to more extreme measures like tongue patches and bariatric surgery. Risks and possible advantages vary from one method to another. Some options work faster than others.

On the surface, the goal of weight loss seems to be nothing more than getting rid of unwanted pounds. However, in light of all the negative effects of obesity and excessive weight gain, it can be seen that there is more to weight loss than what meets the eye. Here is a closer look at four of the major benefits that can result from weight loss.

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Simple Shortcuts to Losing Weight

Friday, September 21, 2012 · 0 comments

We all love shortcuts. And we love getting the utmost benefits even for the most minimum efforts we do. The same holds true to losing weight.

A good news to people who don’t want to wear themselves out at the gym is that there actually several little and obscure ways that you can do to lose weight. You don’t have to make major and drastic changes in your lifestyle, undergo a strict diet or embark on a hardcore exercise routine. You just have to practice these simple steps and a more beautiful figure can be yours.

a. Make it a habit to eat eggs for breakfast. A study published in 2008 by the International Journal of Obesity disclosed that individuals who consume eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate a bagel. The belief is that the egg’s high protein content reduces hunger pangs and decreases the likelihood of snacking in the course of the day.

b. Hold the Mayo. Do you know that a serving of mayonnaise is equal to 100 calories? By just slashing one serving a day can make you lose around 10 pounds over a one year period. So, how about a low-calorie mustard for your bread instead?

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The foundation of a good bodybuilding program is proper nutrition. Without it, any fitness effort is bound to fail even before it has even started. While developing your bodybuilding program, plan out a balanced diet alongside it. This way you will have a perfect recipe for health and fitness.

When you are working out it is important to keep your nutrients in a sufficient level. To achieve this you need to make sure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs by eating regularly all throughout the day. Don’t let your body become deficient in minerals, vitamins and other significant resources.

All of your meals are important especially when you are following a muscle building program; however, there are two key meals, consumed at a specific time, that are very important for the success of your fitness efforts. Failing to provide your body with the essential nutrients it requires on these particular times can jeopardize your muscle building goals.


As what you may already know, breakfast is the most important meal for everyone, and especially for body builders who are working out regularly. Skipping breakfast while following a workout program can cause serious problems.

As you wake up in the morning, your body is in an intense need for nutrients since it has fasted for eight hours of more. You have to break the fast by replenishing your body with essential nutrients. If you fail to provide your body with the required nutrients at this time, you leave it with no choice other than to break down muscle tissues for energy. This is terrible news for muscle builders because it means that your workout program is regressing, and that all your effort is put to waste.

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In an ideal world, each person is concerned with physical fitness. Embarking on a healthier lifestyle is a very important and wise decision that an individual can make. If you find it hard to maintain your fitness routine and often find yourself slacking after a week or two, read the following tips for more ideas on how to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

1 Include cardio exercises in your fitness regimen.This will give you a healthier and stronger heart and help you lose fat or maintain your current weight. Cardio exercise is a great weight loss method because it increases your heart rate and metabolism. Some cardio exercises that you can try are running, jogging, biking, and dancing to name a few. Cardio exercise is also beneficial for people with bad joints.

2 Do resistance training as well. This type of exercise helps you build lean muscles and keeps your metabolism high. It also burns off fat effectively. If you don’t include resistance training in your routine you will burn your muscles along with your fat. You will lose weight, but it won’t look attractive. In fact, you will end up looking deathly sick. You can use weights or your own body weight, such as pull-ups and push-ups.

3 Give your lower back a workout. Many people overlook their lower backs in their exercise routines. They tend to focus on the chest, biceps, and shoulders. Remember that all parts of your body need a work out, and same goes for your lower back. Ignoring this part will make it weaker, making you susceptible to serious injury. Try performing some lat pull-downs to give your lower back the work out it needs.

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Keeping a More Active Lifestyle

Monday, September 17, 2012 · 0 comments

Do you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a better overall health? Both goals can be realized with physical activity and a healthy diet. The two always go hand in hand when it comes to overall health and fitness. Turn your lifestyle into an active one by allotting at least 30 minutes of your day to moderate physical activity. For people who have been inactive for so long, 30 minutes of physical activity done at one time can be too much. Accumulating activity can be a great alternative to achieving your 30 minutes of daily physical activity. You can break it up to three 10 minutes of brisk walking throughout the day or choose any activity that you enjoy doing.

Start Today

For a lot of people, finding time for performing physical activity is their greatest hindrance. Other people also consider that their daily chores, such as playing with the kids and housework are already sufficient. Perhaps, you can make physical activity as a time for yourself and as a way for you to relax.

Start by assessing your daily routine. Are you doing enough physical activity every day? If not, think of ways on how you can improve. One good way would be taking active options rather than the inactive ones, like using the stairs instead of the elevator or getting off the bus a stop early and do a brisk walk. These small changes can have significant results in your lifestyle.

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How to Lose Weight in 7 Steps

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Losing weight means burning more calories than you consume. You have probably put yourself through various diet schemes, like following a special exercise regimen, keeping a food diary, and a couple of other diet fads. If all of these have failed, it only proves that the key to losing weight is not the diet technique you use, but your willpower. As the old adage goes, “old habits die hard.” If you always find yourself struggling to sustain your diet efforts, the following radical steps can help break the monotony.

1. Don’t ignore tried and tested diet facts. This includes the key principle of losing weight, which is burning more calories than you consume. The truth is that all the other steps in this article won’t be effective if you take in a thousand calories every day and not burn as much.

2. Use smaller kitchenware. Subconsciously the size of your bowls, glasses, plates and containers can influence the size of your serving. The smaller your bowl, the smaller amount of food you tend to consume.

3. Put down your utensils between every bite. This technique gives your stomach a chance of feeling full and reduces your likelihood to go for seconds as it slows down your eating time. Similarly, having a sip of water in between bites also does the trick. Studies have shown that eating your food slowly can result to eating less.

4. List down the food that you find irresistible. Not all of the items on your list may be unhealthy, but remember that too much of anything is bad. People commonly crave for soda, fast food, sweets and alcohol. Make an effort to cut down on your weaknesses. Buy only small packages and enjoy it only once in a while. Cutting out your favorite foods completely can encourage binging.

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