6 Powerful Foods to Burn Abdominal Fat

August 2012

Almost everyone knows just how important good eating habits are to keep your body in good shape. There are a lot people who are not careful about their food choices, while they are also people who are paying attention to what they put in their mouths. Some people make bad food choices because of lack of discipline or simply because they lack information on proper nutrition.

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements on food that looks so appetizing that it’s all we can think of all day. The marketing campaigns of fast food restaurants and  food processing companies are very attractive and they are often misleading to the audience’s views on health, or it can weaken their determination to maintain a healthy diet. Most people’s problems are their bulging stomach. While it is very easy to gain weight in this area, it is however very hard to lose it. Eating fast food, sweets and other unhealthy choices are often the culprit for these unwanted fats.

Gaining great abs is easier to achieve with a correct diet plan. They key there is to develop a good habit and eliminate a bad habit one at a time. One good habit that you can develop is eating food that has been proven to reduce abdominal fat. Here are 6 examples of those powerful foods:


Oatmeal is not only cheap, it can also be made quickly and easily. This food is rich in fiber and brands fortify them with vitamins. Be careful not to get the type that comes added with sugar and buy the unsweetened kind instead. You can sweeten it at home with natural honey or fruit.

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Fitness Experts and Your Fitness Goals

Thursday, August 30, 2012 · 0 comments

Are you slipping off from your workout program? We are all guilty of that. We are usually very eager the first few times we visit the gym for a workout program. For the first few months we are so dedicated to our fitness goals and begin getting healthier, and then little by little or sometimes even abruptly, we miss our gym schedule and the thought of doing an exercise session is not that inviting anymore. We are not really happy when our fitness goals efforts fall into oblivion.

In situations like this, fitness experts might be the answer. Read on and find out how they can help you.

They develop a program that is specific to your needs

One main reason why people lose their interest in pursuing their fitness goal is that they have not seen any inspiring results for their efforts. People want to see enormous and immediate results from their workout program, but the truth of the matter is that exercise and fitness should be a continuing task and does not usually give you instant results. Time, patience, and perseverance are the keys to a fitter and healthier body.

The advantage of having fitness experts is that they will discuss your goals with you. They will ask you what you want to attain from your efforts. They will then develop a program according to your goals and the end results that you want to achieve. Since they are experts they know exactly how you can get what you want. Your workout sessions will now have a direction and it will be easier to monitor your progress.

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Tips to Quickly Lose Excess Fat

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While body fat is essential for the body to function, high amount of fats stored in your body is very unhealthy. Needless to say, a body with high fat percentage can be very unappealing. Working to decrease the amount of fat in your body is a worthwhile goal. It does not only result to a good-looking physique, but it enhances your life quality and eliminates health problems caused by large amount of excess fat. Below are 5 tips that will help you lose fat quickly.

1. Engage in a weight training program. This is an ideal type of exercise for people who are trying to get rid of body fats. Firstly, you burn a considerable amount of calories during a weight training session. Secondly, by engaging in weight training program your metabolism is increased for up to 35 hours after the actual workout. This means that your body is burning more calories without doing anything because your metabolism has been stimulated. Thirdly, weight training exercise increases your muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolic rate. This is because your body requires more energy to increase your muscle mass.
2. Consume more water every day. A person who is not active is recommended to drink around ten 8 ounce glass of water each day. If you are doing regular exercise or want to be healthier, you can have a full gallon of water every day. Our body is actually made up of more than 70% water. In fact, it can survive longer without food than without water.  Water washes out harmful toxins and prepares the body for fat loss. Not taking enough amount of water every day will leave you with a bloated appearance because your body uses the limited water it is receiving for other things. So, if you want to do away with the bloated look, drink up! It may sound unusual to you, but drinking more water gets rid of your excess water weight which gives you that bloated appearance; it will also begin to burn your body fat.

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Body building and weight training exercises are also done by women who are lured not only by the sport’s challenges, but by their benefits as well. This kind of exercise can also be done with body weight or free weight exercises and weight training machines. When performed in a high intensity approach, women can find it to be as demanding and as beneficial it is for men.

Benefits of Muscle Strength Training in Women

One of the major advantages of muscle strength training is burning more fat by building muscles. Many women think that developing stronger muscles by engaging in high intensity exercise leads to larger, bulkier, and unfeminine body structure. This is pure fallacy. With women muscle strength training simply strengthens and firms up muscles and does not cause huge increases in their muscle mass. It is very unfortunate that some false notions prevent women from gaining the benefits of this form of exercise.

Another advantage of muscle strength in women is that it increases their metabolism. When the muscle groups become stronger, the metabolic rate increases. This means that more calories are used up all the time, and when the metabolic rate increases, this results to reduction of body fat. Women will gain the maximum results of muscle strength training by performing the exercise techniques properly and with higher intensity.

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The ideal weight loss rate is one to two pounds, or about a kilo a week. For extremely obese people, this rate can be doubled at the onset, but it is essential to lose pounds in a gradual manner.

Be Motivated and Set Realistic Goals

Find a source of inspiration and something that will keep you motivated to lose weight, and keep it. When setting your goals, be realistic. Make sure that they are attainable. For example, if your goal is losing 25 pounds, you must give yourself only a month to achieve it will likely end up in failure. Take micro-steps, and congratulate yourself even for the little progress that you make. Give up unhealthy eating habits one at a time and replace them with good eating habits one by one. Giving up everything all at once is not a good idea.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Stop eating food that is not healthy for you. You can start by substituting your beverages with only pure water, or if you can’t do it drastically, opt for the low sugar versions; however, sodas should definitely be off-limits. In order to shed off pound quickly, avoid alcohol consumption. Well, consuming small amounts or social drinking is alright, but having a drink too many can absolutely sabotages your weight loss efforts.

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How to Use Diet Supplements

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Your weight is directly related to your height and age. You can check if your weight is appropriate to your height and age by calculating your body mass index. If you are overweight, don’t feel hopeless. There is always a solution to every problem. Being overweight can be overcome by hard work, discipline, and determination. A lot of people also resort to the use of diet pills. While this may be effective, it is best used as a supplement and with other fitness steps altogether. The following are some fitness measures that you can do keep those extra pounds off.

1. Mind your calories.

Weight loss often starts with special dietary programs. The main purpose of dieting is reducing your calorie consumption in order to lose weight. These programs don’t take effect overnight. Losing weight by reducing your calorie intake is a gradual process. Create a dietary plan that works well for you. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables on your diet and limiting your portions for high calorie foods usually does the trick.

2.  Exercise Regularly

Most often, decreasing your calorie intake is not enough to lose weight. It is ideal to perform regular exercises while watching your calorie consumption. Following a regular exercise routine is one of the best way to counter weight problems. The body burns a great amount of fat when you are working out regularly.

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Are you too busy to exercise? Then, you will be hearing awesome news from me today. It is about Tabata training. This is a high intensity interval training that you can finish in 4 minutes. Maybe you are thinking that working out for just 4 minutes every day, 3 times per week is too good to be true. Technically, yes. But first, check out what this workout entails.

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata is a type of HIIT training developed by Izumi Tabata, a Japanese Professor. Tabata involves the use of 20 seconds of a highly intense work out and followed by 10 seconds of rest, continuously repeated for 8 cycles. This amazing workout can be used either for cardiovascular exercise or resistance training. For cardiovascular workout, the 10 seconds of rest means doesn’t mean stopping completely. It means going slow after the 20 seconds of super intense workout. Tabata can be completed in only four minutes, excluding the warm up and cool down routine.

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Is Cardio Good for Weight Loss?

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For people who have been trying to lose weight the most consistent advice that they get from their health gurus is engaging in a lot of cardio exercise routines. In fact, just about every diet coach will tell you to consume lesser calories and increase your cardiovascular exercises in order to lose weight. That is the same as the old mantra that tells you to hop on your treadmill and run. This advice comes from the notion that your body is an en energy balance, and that for you to lose weight you must should burn more calories that you consume. So, let’s discuss what cardio training really does for you.

What is cardio exercise?

When you hear cardio exercise, this refers to cardiovascular endurance training. This stresses the word ‘endurance.’ Cardio pertains to long and extensive routines of physical endurance which lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes and an average of 45 minutes. Cardio exercises increases your heart rate. Cardio exercises include a long bicycle ride, running 5K or more, jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes, or an hour long of aerobics class. You might notice that sprint is not included in the exercises I have mentioned, this is because an exercise session should last at least 20 minutes in order for it to be considered as cardio exercise.

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Lose Weight with Proper Meal Planning

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When you are trying to lose weight, one of the main areas that you focus on is meal planning. Since you are trying to shed those extra pounds you need to plan a daily menu that is low in calories. Along with the calorie count, it would also be ideal for you to create meals that are also pleasing to your palate, or at least bearable for you to eat. Continuously depriving yourself from delicious food would only increase your cravings, thus weakening your resolve to stick to a healthy diet. So, while you are in the process of planning out your exercise routines, you might as well take the time to search for recipes that are not only diet-friendly, but enjoyable as well. Below are also some tips that may be helpful to you.

Never Skip Meals

You might think that because you are skipping meals you are skipping the calories as well. However, doing so only ruins your metabolism. Your body takes notice of every meal that you skip and makes you feel that you are going through a calorie deficit. This is what causes you to binge the next time you have another meal. So, remember that your metabolism is at its best when you eat regularly. Breakfast is generally the worst meal that you can skip in the day. Foregoing breakfast will only lead you to eating bigger servings of food later in the day. It is ideal to eat four to five small meals daily.

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After a few months of strict diet and rigorous fitness routines, you have finally shed off those unwanted pounds. You are now in the figure that you want to be in. Congratulations! However, you may not be very happy to hear that the hard part is not actually over. For most people, keeping the weight off after weight loss is actually the most difficult part. This is especially harder if you have taken the diet shortcuts, like consuming only juice and water for a couple of weeks. If you have done this, you have placed your body in a state of starvation, and when you start eating normally again, your body will try its best to suck up every amount of fat it can get to make up for the days that you have starved it. This means that if you are not careful, you will gain back pounds with a vengeance. Here are a few tips to permanently keep those extra pounds off.

Eat, Eat, and Eat

Yes, those were not typos, if you want to avoid gaining back weight fast, then skipping meals is definitely not the way to go. By skipping meals you are only causing your metabolism to slow down. That is something that weight watchers should never allow to happen. Aside from slowing down your metabolism, skipping meals will only increase your food cravings, and it will make you reach for unhealthy food to satisfy yourself. Breakfast is the most important meal that you should not miss. Always have a good, full breakfast. Studies show that eating a full meal in the morning will lessen hunger pangs and food cravings throughout the day. Likewise, eat smaller portions about four to five times a day.

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