The Guilty Pleasures When Trying To Slim Down

July 2012

Are you striving hard to slim down and shed some pounds? Do you think you can’t make to resist the food items that are considered not appropriate when losing weight? Well, consider yourself not alone because there are many people who feel the same.

When we are looking to lose weight, aside from regular exercise, it is also advisable to eat well balanced meal. It includes fruits and vegetables. These food items have nutrients that our body needs. It is not just foods that are needed because water is as important as food because it will keep us hydrated throughout the day.

When we talk about the guilty pleasures when eating, there are many things that can come to mind. It includes chocolates, sodas, pizza, burger and others.

The chocolates are among the most in demand food no matter which age bracket you belong to. In a party, chocolate cakes, are considered the among the food items that guests look forward to taste. Of course, when we say party cakes no matter what flavor can always be present.

It is not just cakes, many celebrants also have other sweets present in the table such as pastries, brownies, mallows and so much more sweets that are very hard to resist. You may just say to your mind, “birthday parties don’t happen every day!” that is the reality we face these days.

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For anyone who feels tired of trying and getting no results with a weight loss program they have heard or seen online, it’s about time to check out first some of the methods differences and make a decision in the end. This article will look into some of the known and commonly used techniques to reduce some pounds.

a. Buying expensive equipment

Well, this sounds very traditional because many people would suggest and say that if you are looking to lose weight, the best thing to do is to exercise. Exercise as most people would see is by buying exactly the ones you see inside the fitness center. It could be true when the person who will get those equipments will always have time to exercise. Yet, in reality, it is not a practical thing to do.

b. Slimming coffee and slimming juice

These fad kinds of method to lose weight have been popular not so long ago. Many people become hooked because all you need to do is to drink some coffee, typical taste of coffee and your appetite will be reduced. The same thing with the slimming juice because it taste just like a real juice. I personally tried it and I can’t recommend it to others. I didn’t have a very good experience using it. The effect on me is damaging and unhealthy. For those who have any kind of stomach related illnesses, this isn’t advisable to try.

c. HCG drops

The HCG drops are also popular with overweight individuals. Just by the thought that you simply need to incorporate some drops and you can slim down is indeed a simple way. This is a natural diet plan that uses HCG. It will let the person select which type of program she or he would like. It varies from 23 day, 42 day or 60 day program. Since it is from a natural source, I say it is a good thing to try.

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The Truth About Weight Loss Programs

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 · 0 comments

Are you tired of searching for the most effective weight loss plan to help you shed pounds? Would you like to try something new that will deliver positive results? Well, if that is the case, then you must learn more on the truth about the commercialized weight loss programs that we usually see on TV and on the Internet. These days, there are many weight loss plans that a consumer can choose. The question is, are they safe?

As a consumer and someone looking to slim down, it is always best to remember that there is no such thing as overnight weight loss. Maybe for some products that can cause harm to the body it can. Yet for those that truly works, it takes time and effort before the results are noticed.

It is also not true that when you use weight loss supplements, you can be free to eat whatever you want. The usual reasoning that you say is you have a supplement to work on the calories you consume. Sorry, but that is definitely not the case.

Any overweight individual, who is aiming to drop kilos, should be willing to embrace changes. We are referring to lifetime changes not just rapid changes. It means a total lifestyle improvement. Otherwise, it will only be a change that is not what you desire. There should be instances to say no to liquors and refrain from smoking cigarettes.

One thing that must do every day is to exercise at least 30 minutes. Do not forget that warm up and resting is also part of it. When we exercise, it doesn’t mean going and spending cash in the gym. Simple cardio exercise from home will be sufficient enough. By doing such, only a pair of good sneakers and the will to exercise is needed. You can start by having a walk in the morning before going to the office or before bed time. In the weekends, you can add biking or swimming.

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I Hate Being Fat

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 · 0 comments

When I was still a toddler, my mom used to tell me that many people would love to cuddle and kiss me because of my chubby cheeks and chubby physique. When I look at my old pictures, I must agree that yes, I am cute an adorable. When I reached the elementary years, my baby fats were still there. It could be because I really love eating sweets like candies and chocolates. As a kid, these are pleasures that are simply irresistible. I think many adult would also agree because chocolates are simply delicious and to die for.

Time passes and I reached high school years. During those times, I can still recall that many of my classmates used to bully and make fan of me because I am fat. I sweat a lot and my face is left oily and shiny. I don’t feel good about myself. Because of the everyday bullying and funny jokes on me, my self-esteem was reduced. I became an introvert and timid person that I carry on until my college years.

During my college years, I still experience some bullying and funny jokes but a little less. Then I met someone. A guy whom I think was very nice and sweet. That was the first time I fell in love. That was also the time that I realized that I should slim down and have an improved lifestyle.

Since then, I started to work out. Once a week, I visit the gym and little by little it became a habit and I go there at least three times each week. After a month or two, I noticed some improvement in my weight.

I also became picky in my food choices. I only eat the ones that I think has fewer calories and fewer fats. I was happy with what I am doing with that special guy as my inspiration and motivation.

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To any individual who consider themselves fat and looking to shed those extra pounds in order to look good must spare some time to exercise and eat balanced diet meals. Many would agree that it is easy to say than done. That could be true and that’s exactly why many people today are overweight and obese. The worse thing is many associated deadly diseases are linked to being fat. When someone is overweight, self esteem is also decreased. It is not ideal for a professional or for a student.

No matter what, exercise is an integral part to shed pounds. This is since by means of working out and engaging in the various strenuous activities, our body can melt away what we consumed. That is through the process of perspiration of more typically called sweating. When we sweat, the body eliminates harmful toxins. So, the more we sweat, the more calories and carbohydrates that we will burn.

The process of physical workout doesn’t necessarily require someone to u expensive and high end equipments. All it takes usually is a good pair of rubber shoes and you are all set. You can exercise by walking, jogging, running, playing badminton, volleyball and other sporting activities.

The other important component to shed pounds is by eating healthy. Healthy eating means a lot. Considering the saying that we are what we eat. Anything that we consume reflects with how we look like. That is right. When we got sick, it is already suspected that the food choices we have impacts the cause of it. We should say no to food products high in sodium, sugar and preservatives.

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Facts about losing weight

Saturday, July 21, 2012 · 0 comments

Staying healthy and slim would be the greatest dream of many people. As early as high school years, teenagers to be exact are already conscious about their figure. The reason is because that is the time that they feel attracted towards the opposite sex. Once a person feels that, he or she will feel shy when he or she is overweight. Among the negative feelings associated to a person who is overweight is very low self esteem.

When a person has a low self esteem, he or she will not be able to express his feelings and performance in class can also be affected. It will be affected because it is likely that other classmates will put jokes on him. Considering all the bullying, he may feel that he doesn’t belong in the class. Thus, the drive to lose some pounds comes into play.

As a teenager, not all diet plans will do and not all are safe for such a very young age. The best thing for a teen that is looking to look slimmer is to refrain from eating too many sweets and stay active most of the time. By doing so, all carbohydrates and calories consumed will be melted away.

Other tips that teens can do to lose weight are:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. These are healthy food items essential for any age group.
  2. Never skip breakfast. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.
  3. Always stay hydrated with water not soda or canned fruit juices. Water is better because colored drinks are high in sugar and other harmful chemicals.
  4. Exercise at least three times each week.
  5. Say no to vices. Any kind of vices is not good for the body.
  6. Never use any commercialized slimming supplements. Teens are too young to try such products. It may only harm their health.

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Why You Must Lose Weight Now?

Friday, July 20, 2012 · 0 comments

Being overweight, obese and not sexy is a major problem and concern for most people especially with girls. It is not just because they feel insecure and unappealing but also the tendency to acquire deadly diseases. Such people usually have a sedentary lifestyle that eats and drinks a lot. They don’t have spare time to work out and engage even just half an hour of exercise every day.

In order to determine if your weight is proportionate to your height, it is best to determine the body mass index or BMI. By browsing online, you can check and get the results right away. It is said that those people who has the normal weight lives longer. So, being obese or underweight is definitely not healthy.

Everyone must have the normal weight otherwise, various diseases and health condition may occur. Such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart problems
  •  Hypertension

Those are just the usual but there are other related diseases that can be acquired. As you notice, the above given illnesses are all deadly. Thus, as early as childhood, proper eating and exercise must already be established.

No matter what your age is, it is never too late to lose weight, though, the earlier, the better. But it is still best to do it than do nothing at all.

When a person is slim as a result of healthy living, he or she has greater self-esteem, positive outlook in life, appealing and desirable to the opposite sex. Those are just some of the benefits that you can see from the outside, within, it offers greater advantage. It includes, improved immunity, less likely to acquire diseases and can live longer.

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Eat Healthy And Live Well

Thursday, July 19, 2012 · 0 comments

The saying goes like, you are what you eat is true. I am sure that many people can relate to that. When a person loves to eat fatty foods, he is likely to develop diseases such as hypertension, heart problems, liver problems and others. While a person who loves eating sensibly will be reflected in her skin, and usually has a strong immune system.

Being obese is a condition that hits too many people. When someone is obese or over weight, he may have diseases that are incurable. It is a reality that we all must face in this fast paced society. The reason is many busy individuals no longer have spare time to prepare healthy foods and to exercise. They usually have sedentary lifestyle.

People who are tied up from work, of course will just rely on eating to fast foods. In which, all the dishes served are high in calories, sodium and other preservatives that can harm and damage the body. When a busy individual goes home late, there will be no time to cook and instead will just call the pizza boy to deliver pizza.

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Do you consider yourself fat? Are you so conscious that you are not able to wear your preferred clothes? Well, today is the last day for you to feel that way because it is now time to drop kilos fast. Many people would agree that it is indeed hard and challenging to shed some pounds. Overweight individuals already have negative perception when they hear success stories of other people who used some kind of exercise or other health supplements. It is strange to but with some effective ways, the goal to be fit and sexy is possible.

Let us face it, losing weight is no joke. It requires hard work and determination for the person who want to achieve that great sexy figure. Never believe on those products that promises too good to be true results like you will lose some pounds in just one day. Those are just phony claims and can have undesirable health effects. As a newbie in this whole losing weight thing, you must follow some natural ways.

  1. Eat sensibly. Eating the right kind of food is not just related to having a healthy living but also with losing weight. It includes consuming the right amount of calories each day. Never overeat on carbohydrate because it can really add up some pounds to your weight. Well, as a general rule, overeating is never healthy in anyway. Fruits and vegetables when consumed every day provide a desirable and great effects for our entire body system. Other food items you must refrain from eating are sweets, sodas and fatty foods. It is best eat fish rather than meat. Brown rice is healthier than the white rice. If you tend to eat a lot of bread, opt to eat wheat bread than white bread. Continue Reading…


Easy Exercises To Lose Weight

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 · 0 comments

When hear about drop kilos, shed pounds, being healthy and fit, the first thing that can enter our mind is to eat less. That means consuming significantly less meals like we usually do and staying away from sweets. With such, the calorie intake can be lessened. Once it is decreased, pounds will also be lowered. However, it is not just limited with what we eat. Another thing we must never forget is the great help of perspiration. The process of perspiration helps reduce toxic waste in our body and also use up all the calories we consume. The best way to perspire is by means of physical exercise. There are many exercises that can be done readily without spending some bucks to go in to a fitness center.

The first effective exercise is by means of walking. Walking is a type of cardio exercise. This is the simplest yet a great way to drop those pounds. If you live in a community near the commercial establishments, walking to go there rather than taking a cab will save you money and keep you fit. Instead of taking the elevators to go to the second or third floor, why not use the stairs instead. This makes you sexy and healthy.

Another great exercise that can be done without using any equipment is squatting. Squats are great for your gluteus muscles, hamstrings and your quadriceps. It can be done while watching TV or while listening to your favorite music. For anyone who experience leg pain when using the stairs will greatly benefit in doing this easy exercise.

Push –ups is another great yet also meant for beginners exercise. It is something that can readily be done by anyone looking to chest strength in addition to the arms and shoulders. It could be hard at first so you must first try the exercise while leaning at a table. Then gradually shift until you reach the floor.

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